Body Detoxification Cleanse Services in Ottawa

Ion body detoxification is an external cleanse of the body that is fast, painless and believed to be highly effective. The detox procedure entails placing your feet into warm salted water that then becomes charged with ions which are charged particles that neutralize and attract oppositely charged particles. In this case the oppositely charged particles represent toxins, pollutants and other metals. Once attracted, they are drawn out of your body and into the water. Many people swear by this procedure, and more than a few have credited it with helping them through diseases and maladies such as arthritis and fungal infections.

Below is a Step by Step Guide on where to go in Ottawa in order to get this unique and effective procedure done. Go through the list of authentic Ion Body Detoxification services before heading out for the treatment.


  • 1

    Holistic Health Shop Inc.

    Holistic Health Shop Inc is a best place from where you can buy Ion body detoxification cleanser. The staff member available here will grant you complete guidance bout the functions and its proper usage.

  • 2

    Collective Wellness

    Collective Wellness makes sure that you are satisfied with your present condition. As the name tells their main motive is to endow you such a service from which your wellness and health both are made better.

  • 3

    Evropa Holistic Studio Spa

    Evropa Holistic Studio Spa is an ideal place where you can truly attain a balanced state of mind. They know a perfect technique to provide such beauty service which includes natural ingredients.

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    NAET Clinic of Ottawa

    NAET Clinic of Ottawa’s medical experts make sure that their clients acquire first class beauty services, which includes auricular therapy, homeopath-mild and allergy-nutrition-detox.

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    Ottawa Wellness & Detox Clinic

    Ottawa Wellness & Detox Clinic, makes sure that their clients return to their healthier state through natural remedies under beauty expert.

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    Naturally You

    Naturally You will facilitate you with all possible facilities, whether you wish to consult a health specialist, or planning to get your home inspect, your dog needs a detox or you need to get your hair analyzed they have a ideal solution for all of your problems.

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