List of Greenhouses in London

With the winter season upon London, avid gardeners and flower enthusiasts are planning their next garden for spring. These amateur and professional gardeners need saplings, potted plants, bedding and seed for their interiors and exterior landscaping projects which they can acquire from greenhouses and nurseries in London. These greenhouses can grow plants and flowers in any condition because the greenhouse offers them the ability to control temperatures and humidity to keep plants fresh for customers. The nurseries in London specialise in all varieties of plants including trees, indoor plants, ferns and bedding and grass. Below is a list of greenhouses in London that will be able to jump start your next garden or landscaping project.


  • 1

    Plant Station, is primarily an online seller of plants for office, home and public spaces. They run a location in London from where their employee offer services ad expert advice to customers.

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    Lucey of London, is a unique seller that not only offers architectural plants but also designer vases, pots and urns that fit your interior or exterior. The beautiful products can also be bought online from their website.

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    PHS Greenleaf, is a nursery that has numerous locations across the UK and offers plants for your office. They can provide fresh flowers, plants, artificial plants and silk flowers.

  • 4

    Finchley Nurseries Ltd, is a 75 year old greenhouse that sells shrubs, roses, perennials, herbs, alpines and Bedding Plants. They have a location in London where customers can browse the many plants available for sale.

  • 5

    Touch Me Not Plant, is a greenhouse that stocks rare and unusual plants for customers in London. They sell tropical plants that are hard to find in other nurseries.

  • 6

    Petersham Nurseries, is located on the bank of the river Thames and offers plants and antiques for sale. They also offer food from their restaurant that serves fresh dishes inspired by the location.

  • 7

    Mott Street Nursery, is a family run greenhouse that has been operational for 100 years. They carry flowers, plants and bedding plants all year round.

  • 8

    Neal's Nurseries, has been around since 1850 and is the largest plant center in central London. They sell garden and house plants and also offer garden furniture for sale.

  • 9

    Paramount Plants, has a knowledgeable staff that specializes in mature specimen plants, garden design and landscaping. They offer some beautiful plants for sale that are good for homes, offices and exteriors.

  • 10

    The Palm Centre, is a greenhouse that specializes in Palms, Bamboo, Tree Ferns, Exotic & Mediterranean plants. They offer plants individually, for hire or in wholesale.

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