List of Indian Restaurants in London

We all know food is very serious business. Indian cuisines are becoming the most famous cuisine all around London. Indian cuisine are characterised by the extensive use of various Indian spices, herbs, vegetables and fruit that could leave your tongue in a permanent state of exhilaration. The Indian food has sustained their own delicious taste using mixture of spices. Indian food industry is so vast and full of variety and taste that it requires a life span to soothe your lust for Indian food delicacies. This step-by-step listing of a top ten Indian Restaurants in London will make it easy for you to contact the best restaurants with diverse Indian cuisines:


  • 1

    Zaika Indian Restaurant, has a very solid reputation as one of London’s exclusive Indian restaurants. They adhere to traditional Indian ingredients and represent nearly every region of India.

  • 2

    The Cinnamon Club is committed to ensure you into a truly exclusive, indelible Indian cuisine experience. The Cinnamon Club’s extensive menu of Indian delicacies is sure to leave any food lover satisfied. They are committed to change diners’ perception of Indian food in London. They offer discounts on different special occasions.

  • 3

    Masala Zone, combines the ancient and modern cooking recipe concepts in such a fantastic way that simply take you down the path to losing yourself in the enticing flavours of Indian cuisines. They have different branches in London, serving their customers with an aim to provide them with varied delicious tastes.

  • 4

    Tamarind’s innovative and comprehensive menu presents an enthralling combination of flavors. Their presentation of food, quality and quantity of ingredients are never been compromised by the price level.

  • 5

    Mint Leaf Restaurant and Bar is committed to change the general perception about the subcontinent’s cuisines. Their cuisines have stood out from others that carry worldwide recognition.
    Head to Mint Leaf Restaurant, the award-winning Indian restaurant, for a lovely lunch buffet that runs about £18.50 for two courses and £21.50 for three courses, including a nice variety of dishes.

  • 6

    Moti Mahal is sophisticated, healthy Indian restaurant known for their hospitality. Moti Mahal has greatly combined the cooking expertise of many master chefs to give an outstanding mixture of real Indian cuisine.

  • 7

    Mela Restaurant, recently Regional Winner of Best Indian Restaurant in the Archant London Food and Drink Awards, is one among the high-profile Indian restaurants in London. You will love their hefty menu, highlighting different cultures, traditions, celebrations and styles of living that give character to Indian cuisine.

  • 8

    Benares Restaurant and Bar, inspired menu delivers the promise of infused with highest quality and seasonal ingredients from all over India. Benares Restaurant is famous for their adroit spicing and pure flavours.

  • 9

    Bangalore Express brings you high quality Indian cuisines that are full of traditional flavours from several regions of India. Bangalore Express’ service is consistently professional and friendly towards their customers.

  • 10

    Maharani Soho Indian Restaurant is a trendy restaurant masterfully blends British and Indian styles in both its decor and cuisines. Maharani’s menu presents an exciting combination of flavours and packages.  They serve you seven days a week, from 11 am to 1 am.

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