List of Labour and Unemployment Lawyers in London

Imagine you reach work after getting ready and kissing your spouse goodbye, and the next thing you find out after walking in the workplace is that you’ve been fired from your job. And what’s worse? There was an unjustified reason for terminating you from the job. This is one of the many examples when you will require services of an unemployment and labour lawyer in London. They will not only help you be acquainted with your legal position, but also inform you of the unemployment benefits that can be availed. This is why StepbyStep brings you a list of unemployment lawyers in London that can help you deal with the situation.


  • 1

    Employment Lawyers Ltd is a firm of experienced advocates and lawyers which has established itself as a pragmatic source of advice to employees and the employers.

  • 2

    The Employment Law Practitioners is a law firm that specifically deals in cases that are related to labour and employment issues.

  • 3

    Southampton Row Solicitors are committed to the aim of providing prompt and efficient legal advise that is tailored to the requirements of each client.

  • 4

    ThomasMansfield LLP are legal wizards in dealing with cases of unemployment and labour laws.

  • 5

    Kervin & Barnes Solicitors are experts in what they do - providing legal assistance  in employment and labour related matters.

  • 6

    Rebecca Emmett Employment Law are dedicated to offering their expertise to people wishing to seek unemployment benefits.

  • 7

    Jones Russell & Walker has years of experience in dealing with the legalities of employment related matters.

  • 8

    Simmons & Simmon is an international law firm; having expertise in various disciples of  law related to various countries.

  • 9

    Bright Case International Law Firm works for individuals, companies, organisations and governments based on its solid experience.

  • 10

    Cooper Tuff Consultants helps people who have been unfairly dismissed out of their predicament by guiding them regarding their legal positioning. They also help people in getting their unemployment benefits.

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