List of Mortgage Brokers in London

With the growing demand for loans, the role of mortgage brokers has become quite important in Great Britain, just like in other parts of the world. However, not every mortgage broker has the qualities to make cost-effective deals. There are some cases in which several individuals and businesses got loans at very high rates because of unprofessional mortgage brokers. These loans later become severe headache for those individuals and businesses. Therefore, a borrower should always do business with mortgage brokers who have a good track record and hold the proper licences.

Usually mortgage brokers deal in popular types of mortgage loans including Fixed-Rate Mortgage Types  and Interest-Only Mortgages. Apart from these, there are two other types of mortgage loans:
Hybrid Types of Mortgage Loans (Option ARM Mortgage Types, Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Types, Combo Mortgage Loan Types, Mortgage Buydowns)
Specialty Mortgage Loan Types (Streamlined-K Mortgage Loans, Bridge / Swing Loans, Equity Mortgage Loan Types, Reverse Mortgages).

A good mortgage broker should be able to guide you and point you to the best option of loans for you. If you are looking to get a one of these loans, here is a list of mortgage brokers in London that should help you get started:


  • 1

    Alexander Hall, is providing services since 1992 and now stands among the top mortgage brokers of United Kingdom.

    Address: 86-90 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AA, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 844 812 5105
    Visit: Alexander Hall Website

  • 2

    Bishopsgate Mortgage Services, claims that mortgage is the biggest decision for any individual or business therefore, they treat every enquiry with respect that it ought to have.

    Address: 146 Strand, London, WC2R 1JA, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7240 0505
    Visit: Bishopsgate Mortgage Services Website

  • 3

    Savills Private Finance Ltd, not just provide loans for residential, commercial, investment or international property, they also give insurance and financial planning to their clients.

    Address: 25 Finsbury Circus, London EC2M 7EE, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 870 900 7762
    Visit: Savills Private Finance Ltd Website

  • 4

    John Charcol, is one of the highly regarded mortgage company that is ready to cater such clientele, which don't have time to visit them in person. 

    Address: 5th Floor, Cutlers Exchange, 123 Houndsditch, London, Greater London EC3A 7PQ, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 845 034 2100
    Visit: John Charcol Website

  • 5

    Just Us Mortgages, specializes in providing services to the professional workers in London and offers free consultation.

    51 Moorgate, London EC2R 6PB, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 020 7562 5767
    Visit: Just Us Mortgages Website

  • 6

    International Private Finance, is known to be one of the best mortgage broker company in London.

    Address: 6-7 Buckingham Street, London, Greater London WC2N 6BU, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7484 4600
    Visit: International Private Finance Website

  • 7

    Mortgage Centre IFA Ltd, gives unbiased advice to their clientele that is based on the entire market survey.

    Address: 13 Albemarle Street, London, Greater London W1S 4HJ, United Kingdom. View Map

    Contact: +44 020 7495 7333

    Visit: Mortgage Centre IFA Ltd Website

  • 8

    ASC Finance for Business, holds terrific track record that speaks itself that how good they are when it comes to providing the mortgage loans at best interest rates.

    Address: 3 Park Road, Regents Park, London NW1 6AS, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7616 6628
    Visit: ASC Finance for Business Website

  • 9

    Lloyds Bank, is another reputable name in the list of the best mortgage brokers in London that are providing wide range of services to their clientele.

    Address: 4 Dean Stanley Street, City of London SW1P 3HA, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 845 300 0000
    Visit: Lloyds Bank Website

  • 10

    Active Mortgage Advice, is based in London & Brighton and provides independent advice to their clients in different mortgages.

    Address: 88 Kingsway, London WC2B 6AA, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 800 808 7007
    Visit: Active Mortgage Advice Website

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