List of Mosques in Ottawa

Ottawa is home to a significant and growing Muslim population. The city and the surrounding area have several places of worship catering to the various sects of the Islamic religion in both English and French-speaking areas of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Mosques are considered not only as places of prayer, but also as centres of education and occasional dispute settlement.

Islam is one of the world’s oldest and widely followed religions, making a diverse city like Ottawa a logical home to many Mosques serving the needs of both locals and visitors.

The following list provides detailed information on the area’s Mosques.


  • 1

    Ahmaddiya Muslim Community Ottawa

    This Mosque is part of a larger national network that caters specifically to the beliefs and customs of the Ahmaddiya community of Ottawa. If you are a Ahmaddiya Muslim then this is definitely the place for you. The mosque caters to the Ahmaddiya community living in Ottawa and has various other facilities also available.

  • 2

    Ottawa Muslim Association

    Considered to be the city’s main Mosque, this place of worship is a result of the hard work of volunteers and locals. Along with prayers, this Mosque also houses a substantial library. This mosque is a great place to go to visit their extensive library. If you are a practicing Muslim or are just looking to learn more about this religion then this Mosque is a good place to go. This Mosque caters to the surrounding areas with various community efforts and activities.

  • 3

    Assalam Mosque

    This Mosque and community centre conducts a great deal of philanthropy and charity work in the city beyond its service to the local Islamic community. If you want to get involved with any sort of Islamic charity work then this is a good place to start. There are many different outreach programs that you can take part in and provide a helping hand throughout the community.

  • 4

    Masjid Bilal

    Serving the East end of the city and it’s 1,000 plus families, this Mosque will be expanding to accommodate a growing congregation. This beautiful Mosque is nice to place to go and worship as they have very good facilities.

  • 5

    Masjid Jami Omar

    Opened in 1993, this Mosque serves the ever-growing Muslim population of West Ottawa. If you are looking for somewhere to worship in West Ottawa then this Mosque is the right place for you. They have some of the best facilities and offer many different community programs that you can take part in.

  • 6

    The Mosque of Aylmer

    Established in the 1990’s to serve Aylmer, Quebec’s growing Islamic population, this Mosque moved into a large facility in 2010. Take a trip to this Mosque if you want to avail some nice services as this is a good place for worship.

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