List of Park Cafes in London

London has easily take pride in the beautiful and breathtaking parks and green areas that it has. Due to the British capitals highly urbanized areas, most public parks are open throughout the year and provide a break from the brick and mortar of city life. Residents will find that the parks have more than mere trees and flowers. Many park cafes have been established to serve visitors. London’s most famous group of parks are the Royals Parks. These are green expanses located throughout London that were once the domain of the British Monarchy. They were used primarily for hunting by kings and queens. However, today the parks are run by the the Royal Parks charity which makes sure that the areas are maintained, clean and open for all. Cafes located within these parks have some of the best views of lakes, trees and green open spaces.


  • 1

    The Pavilion

    This makes its home in Victoria Park. One side of the venue faces the lake and has open air seating for customers. The enchanting surroundings are made better with the amazing menu that serves dishes made using local produce and organic ingredients.

  • 2

    Café on the Rye

    The cafe is a family friendly cafe that is located between Peckham Rye Park and the common. The venue serves hearty meals including English breakfasts. The beautiful surroundings make lunch or a quick cup of coffee a pleasure at this eatery.

  • 3

    Chiswick House Café

    Chicwick House Cafe can be found next to Chiswick House - a historic garden and mansion located in Western London. The clean lines of the cafe are a contrast to the neo-Palladian architecture of the rest of the surrounding building. The menu includes the best of British cuisines including breakfast, tea, lunch and cakes. The venue also serves hard drinks.

  • 4

    Fait Maison in the Park

    This has its own little space in Ravenscourt Park. The green area is popular with families and kids because it offers many sports and play grounds. This is one of the reasons the cafe serves a child-friendly menu along with accommodation facilities for families.

  • 5

    Fulham Palace Café

    Fulham Palace Café makes its home in the botanical gardens and historic Bishop homes. The venue has a aristrocratic feel to it, giving visitors a feeling of pomp and flair. The menu offers breakfast and lunch plus teas and ales. The offerings change according to the days of the week.

  • 6

    Holland Park Cafe

    This is located in an affluent neighborhood in West London. The park is a beautiful setting for the venue which serves seasonal food along with coffee and tea. The menu has some great home made dishes making it a popular hang out for residents.

  • 7

    Springfield Park Cafe

    Springfield Park Cafe has been open since 2006 and has been serving the surrounding area of Upper Clapton. The venue has a tea lawn offering views of the surrounding parkland. Visitors can also check out paintings in the gallery while they munch on the delicious snacks, sandwiches and other savoury items from the menu.

  • 8

    Serpentine Bar and Kitchen

    Serpentine Bar and Kitchen is located in one of the most famous Royal Parks, Hyde Park. The high end cafe has beautiful views and great food. Most of the menu is inspired by the green open spaces, and the eatery uses a wood oven to make its many delicious offerings.

  • 9

    Lido Cafe at the Serpentine

    This is another venue located in Hyde park. Bordering the lake, the cafe offers outdoor seating that gives views of the water and the green areas of the park. It serves a menu, along with drinks, that change with the seasons.

  • 10

    Pistachios In The Park

    It is a kid oriented cafe that is found in Victoria Park. The popular venue is establishing locations in other parks as it tries to serve healthy but delicious meals that will satisfy adults and children alike.

  • 11

    Burgess Park Cafe

    Burgess Park Cafe is a modern looking eatery found in Burgress Park of Camberwell. The cafe serves a number of cakes, sandwiches and drinks to visitors that are strolling in the open green spacing of the surrounding area. The venue is popular with people who use sports facilities in the the park.

  • 12

    Brew House

    Brew House is a multi-faceted venu located in Kenwood House. Run by a Company of Chefs, the cafe offers delicious treats during the day and then is made into a party venue in the evenings.

  • 13

    Pavilion Tea House

    Pavilion Tea House is also run by the Company of Chefs and is set in a classic park refreshment building. The menu includes lunch, savoury items and fairtrade beverages. The beautiful setting of the cafe makes it a great spot in Greenwhich Park to relax with family and friends.

  • 14

    Finsbury Park Cafe

    This is a family run operation that has a very comfortable atmosphere. The attentive staff serves cafe favorites along with hot and cold beverages. The seating area is adjacent to the lake and the play area for children.

  • 15

    Inn the Park

    An amazing looking cafe in the middle of St James Park, Inn the Park blends into the natural environment as visitors eat and drink in the seating area. The menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch and evening meals.

  • 16

    Chumleigh Gardens Cafe

    It is a unique cafe that is located in Burgess Park. It has a two rooms that are served by a kitchen providing big portions. The venue offers lunch, snacks and jazz nights on Sunday.

  • 17

    Common Ground Cafe Bar

    Located deep in the Wandsworth Common, Common Ground Cafe Bar's menu is extensive and has enough different types of dishes to satisfy any taste. The venue is open for lunch, breakfast and private hire.

  • 18

    Golders Hill Park Refreshment House

    This is a restaurant that serves pasta, sandwiches and sweets. The venue is a welcome stop in the expansive greenery of Golders Hill Park.

  • 19

    Hugos Cafe Ltd

    It is found in Queens park and serves an English inspired menu. The break fast, lunch and brunch offerings include eggs benedict. There are also Jazz nights in which the bar is open for service.

  • 20

    The Friary Park Cafe

    This cafe is located in the center of Friary park. The eatery serves regular cafe food and has a nice childrens playground right next to its building, making the cafe very family-friendly.

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