List of Portuguese Restaurants in London

Portugal’s history as a colonial power is reflected in its hearty cuisine. Dishes are similar to Mediterranean menus containing an essence powerful spices like piri piri, black pepper and cinnamon. This gives the food of the region, a unique taste that has influenced many modern restaurants in London. Since Portugal was known for its marine vessels, the food of the country also has a lot of fish in it that is accompanied by meat and poultry. Portuguese restaurants in London have taken these traditions and created menus that fit the palette of  the residents of the British capital. Popular orders at these eateries include peri peri chicken and the wines of the region.


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    Portal Restaurant and Bar, serves modern versions of Portuguese cooking with an exceptional wine list. The restaurant also has a gift shop located in its modern interior.

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    O Fado, is a great Portuguese eatery in London that is decorated in the traditional Iberian style. The staff and chefs try to recreate the magic of Portugal by serving the best food and wine possible.

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    Eyre Brothers, serves food bursting with flavor. They focus on Iberian cuisine from different regions and try to showcase the best of the region for their customers.

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    Canela cafe, is a group of Portuguese restaurants located in London that serve freshly prepared meals. The menu changes daily and the wine list goes very well with the food.

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    Brazas, is a family restaurant that has recently expanded to accommodate their expanding customer base. The restaurant is famous for it home made burgers and per peri chicken.

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    , is a Portuguese Restaurant that has a wide variety of wine and serves numerous types of tapas. They also server per peri chicken and beef on the stone so you can cook it according to your own taste.

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    Nando's Bayswater, is part of a chain of popular international Portuguese restaurants that is famous for its Peri Peri sauce.

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    Restaurante O Moinho, is a cozy restaurant that serves tapas, peri peri chicken has a great wine list and caters to parties. The place has the feel of home cooking and fun.

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    Madeira, is a traditional bakery that serves Portuguese delicacies. The menu includes items like breads and cakes that are created in customary Portuguese fashion.

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    The Gun, is a restaurant that has a rustic feel and showcases life on the docks of London. One of their specialties is Portuguese food and wine.

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