List of Wrongful Death Lawyers in London

A wrongful death is when someone expires due to the negligence of someone else. This applies in cases where the intent was not to kill the deceased. Because the aggrieved party has passed and cannot represent themselves in court, so someone else can file a compensation claim against the accused party. Most wrongful death cases are medical, employment or accident related. Many lawyers or law firms have specialisation in handling such cases in London and can help you get compensation and recuperation of any losses that you have received due to wrongful death. Here is a step by step list of wrongful death lawyer in London from which you can select an attorney if you need one.


  • 1

    Quality Solicitors Freeman Harris, is a firm of experienced solicitors who enjoys a well repute in the field of compensations, and criminal acts. They have a sepcialised team to cater the wrongful death cases.

  • 2

    Old Bailey Solicitors, are based opposite to the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey in London. Firm has specialised criminal cases experts working in the courts for more than 20 years and have won some of the most popular cases of sexual harassments, terrorisms, and murder. They can handle wrongful death cases.

  • 3

    Wiseman Lee, is a specialised firm in handling all kind of criminal and medical cases. Over more than 50 years in East London, the company has built a reputation for delivering high quality advice to individuals and businesses. They have a team to deal with wrong full death affairs.

  • 4

    Sonn Macmillan Walker, is one of the largest law firms in British capital that specialises in all areas of criminal cases. They can handle wrongful death cases.

  • 5

    McCormacks Law, is one of the top criminal and wrong full death related issues handling assocition in London that are practicing in the service for quite some time now.

  • 6

    Jung & Co, was established in 1998 and since then has managed to enter its name in some of the best criminal and civil laws. They have a team dedicated to handle wrong full cases.

  • 7

    Eggar Thomas LLP, is a law firm that deals in all medical and health related issues and also have a department to deal in criminal cases. They can handle wrong full death cases.

  • 8

    Reynolds Macdonald, is a firm of Solicitors specialising in compensation claims of all times. They run a specialised department dedicated to handle all medical, health and criminal cases.

  • 9

    Mary Monson, is firm that is specialised in dealing wrongfull death cases. They are working in England for last four decades. They have won some of the most complicated cases to support their high level of expertise.

  • 10

    Hickman & Rose, is another name of quality in providing a criminal justice and human rights cases in London. With a team formed of some of the best lawyers in the City, the firm has won many represented in many high profile criminal cases.

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