London City Hall Security Checks

With the threat of terrorism looming large, stringent security checks have been implemented in major destinations around the world over the past decade (especially after 9/11). All airports, major public locations and tourist destinations how have security checks for the safety of visitors as well as workers.

London City Hall, located on the River Thames, serves as the Greater London Authority’s headquarters and was opened in 2002. Its spherical shape is the stand-out factor and is the work of designer Norman Foster. The building is of utmost importance and requires visitors to go through a security check upon entry.

The security check is not much different compared to those at airports and other high-profile locations and is very simple if you follow instructions.


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    Firstly and fore mostly, it is your responsibility not to carry on your person anything or object that is considered prohibited and can raise an alarm, such as a gun, a knife or any other weapon.

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    Much like at airports, hospitals and hotels, upon entering the City Hall, you are required to walk through a metal detector.  Before going through the metal detector make sure to remove any cell phones, keys, coins or anything else made of metal out of your pockets, and place it in the tray usually at the side of the scanner, or with the supervising officer.  When you walk through the metal detector, make sure you place your arms close to your body and walk straight through without moving too close to the metal detector’s walls.

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    If you have any bags on you, place them on the scanner belt so they can go through the scanner.

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    The London City Hall is open from Mondays to Thursdays from 8.30am to 6pm and Fridays from 8.30am to 5.30pm. You may have to wait in line for the security check on a crowded day.

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    Public meetings are held in the chamber on the 2nd floor and include assembly meetings and mayor’s monthly questions session.

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    If you have any questions the telephone number for London City Hall is +44 20 7983 4000

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