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There are several British food TV channels that are spreading cooking knowledge to the Londoners. But as people are becoming aware of the internet and its use is becoming extensive, expert chefs have switched to setting up their own websites and blogs, besides  Along with the videos of each item, the ingredients and procedures are also explained in detail so that a first timer can understand the methods accurately. Every locality has its own way of cooking that portrays a culture and London is not lagging behind in this respect. If you, being a food lover, wish to make a new dish every day or visit a restaurant and surprise your family, then take a look at the famous blogs and websites that are playing a prominent role in spreading knowledge about cooking and restaurants!


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    London Eater is a popular food website owned by Kang Leong whose actual aim is to grant people a visual restaurant guide.  In the year 2008, Kang’s site acquired 1.8 million views - which is a big achievement. Along with photographs, he has been providing complete information about the restaurants which includes their specialties, environment and the services given as well.

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    The Passionate Cook is a food blog initialized by Johanna on the 2nd of May 2004. She has made her place as one of the most admirable cooks. The recipes she has been posting are a fusion of English traditions and modern culture. Due to her blogs, she has been honored with awards in year 2005 and 2004.

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    Food and Drink in London; Ben Bush has been writing as a famous blogger of food. Delicious and sumptuous recipes shared by Ben Bush are the only reason why people eagerly wait for a new post on the Food and Drink in London’s website. Ben Bush exactly knows how to explain the entire cooking procedure in detail.

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    Eat Like a Girl is yet another famous food related blog where Niamh has been posting her delicious recipes. Due to her hobby of travelling and cooking, she has this quality of getting inspired by different cuisines and trying them on her own. All of Niamh's recipes are admired - something which has made her well known among the food lovers.

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    BBC Food is not only prominent among the Londoners, but it has a distinctively tremendous reputation all over the globe. Along with videos and details related to the ingredients and cooking methods, people tend to visit this site more than any other. 

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    Good Food channel is a popular food website which was started right after the channel’s success. More than 16,000 recipes are available at this site which are prepared by celebrity chefs such as James Martin, The Hairy Bikers and Rachel Allen.

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    Taste Spotting was founded in 2007 by Sarah J. Gim; who believes that people first eat the food with their eyes. The appearance of a dish matters as much as its taste does, which is why chefs and cooking experts should never ignore or compromise on the appearance of a dish.  Besides sumptuous and mouthwatering images of food, you will also come across food related experiences, trends and recipes.

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    Rosa’s London is more than a food blog; you will find tutorial videos related to cooking along with some mouth watering recipes. Besides that, expert opinions available on this site will help you in acquiring fruitful knowledge about how exactly cooking is done and what the basic rules of it are.

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