Lounge on the Farm Festival London

With an interesting name like Lounge on the Farm, festival goers can expect the experience at the event to be lighthearted and fun. At the heart of it, Lounge on the Farm Festival is a music festival that has its own unique way of doing things. The festival takes place on a farm and showcases some great up and coming musical talent from the Kent area on its stages. The location has stayed the same and participants have expected Merton Farm to deliver some great entertainment over the years. The event has been so well received that it has moved on from being just visited by Kent locals to getting guests from all across the United Kingdom. Many festival participants make use of the camping facilities, and stay the entire weekend to enjoy local music, dance, food and drink.

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    The foundation of the Lounge on the Farm festival was laid when Sean and a farmer's son met in 2004. The idea finally turned into a reality when the first LOTF was launched in 2006, while the 2007 festival saw the number of musical acts double from the previous year. The event has kept growing tremendously since then, and in 2011, the festival had 10,000 people who attended - the largest number of attendees to date.

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    The Festival has a number of stages and tents that hold musical acts. Different musical  stages include the main stage, meadows stage, The Hoe Down and The sheep dip. There is also a comedy tent that showcases some great comedic talent. Another LOTF favourite are the food and vendor stalls which keep the crowds from going hungry or thirsty.

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    Important Dates

    Summer - July.

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    The Lounge on the Farm takes place over the weekend and gives participants three days of festival fun.

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    How to Contact

    To reach the organizers of the event, Festivals Incorporated, you can use the following information:

    Contact: +44 7232 555

    If, however, you wish to be a part of the staff list of the event, then contact.

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    You can purchase tickets for LOTF online by going here.

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    Merton Farm, Merton Lane South, Off Nackington Lane, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 7BA, United Kingdom.

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    How to get there

    By Train

    The venue of the festival is not close to a train station.

    By Bus

    There is a bus stop very close to the festival grounds called Nackington, which is adjacent to Merton Lane. Commuters can use bus numbers 18, 556, 620 and 630. From there you can reach the location on foot easily by walking north on Nackington Road. Make a left on Merton Lane and you will find the venue on your right. View Map.

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