Mercato Mall Dubai Overview

Experience the true contentment of shopping at Mercato with its exclusive combination of Tuscan and Venetian architecture that ultimately portrays the stunning tales of incomparable beauty and creativity of the Renaissance period for many years to come. Mercato Mall is an awesome destination to explore charming cobbled streets, and a peaceful venue where you can enjoy a romantic dinner and latest movie which eventually makes your visit a memorable one. The mall has been designed with an Italian theme, and being a visitor, it will give you a feel of busy marketplace in Italy.

It is a medium-sized shopping complex located in the Jumeirah area which offers visitors a welcoming environment and a rich variety of quality products ranging from beauty, cosmetics and perfumes to clothing and fashion, and electronics and computers to home furnishing and gift items.

Contact: +971 04 344 4705

Visit: Mercato Mall Dubai Website


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    Things to do at Mercato Mall Dubai

    This shopping complex is known as a bustling wee village marketplace which is fully packed with leading fashion outlets, departmental stores, entertainment centers, and other leisure activities. So a visitor to this shopping mall would have an unforgettable time in this area, as there is a huge cinema complex where they can watch latest blockbuster movies, a selection of cafes and a small food court where delectable meal is served. There are also shops for antique accessories and carpets.

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    Operational Hours of Mercato Mall Dubai

    The operational hours of the mall, restaurants and cinema complex is given below;

    Mall Hours: Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm

    Certain stores may opt to open at 1:30pm on Fridays.

    Spinneys: 8:00am – 12:00 midnight

    Grand Cinemas: 10:00am – 12:00 midnight

    Restaurants: Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm

    Some of the restaurants timings are different. You need to contact the management before visiting your choice of restaurant.

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    Nearest Attractions

    Some of the attractions located in the surrounding area of Mercato Mall are given below;

    Baku Caspian Restaurant & Café, Jumeirah Moschee, Dubai International Art Centre, Bikers Café

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    Location of Mercato Mall

    Mercato Mall, Jumeirah Road, Dubai

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    How to get to Mercato Mall

    Since there is no metro station in the close proximity of the mall, so you need to hire a cab or reach by bus to the Mercato Mall.

    By Bus: Mercato Center 2 is the nearest bus station to the mall, and buses number 8, 88, C10 and X28 serve this station. It is 130m away from the mall, and by walk it takes around 2 minutes to reach your destination. View map

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