Mile End Tube Station London

Mile End tube station has an enterance and exit on Mile End Road in Tower Hamlets area of East London. The station became operational in 1902, proving its historical importance of over 100 years. In year 1946, the building of the station was rebuilt and after some prominent changes in its structure, the operations were started again in December 1946. The station had seen some bad incidents in 2007 and 2009 when a tube was derailed in 2007, and a barrier struck 3 passengers after its breakage in 2009. That incident of breakage of a barrier resulted in the injury of one of those three commuters for which TfL had to pay a fine of £20,000. Currently, the station is undergoing some maintenance after the collapse of Metronet, however its entrance and exit points remain through the Mile End road. Nearby areas of Mile End Tube station have all kinds of facilities of daily life ranging from fine quality restaurants and hotels to best in class health and education facilities. Places to explore near Mile End Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops; are available in a great number around this tube station. They are serving traditional foods and beverages of different cultures.
    Restaurants: Greedy Cow, Zeera & Matsu
    Coffee Shops: Roastars Coffee Co. & The Orange Room & Meds

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    Clubs & Bars; are present in the area to give potential customers a respite from their every-day activities and provide them an opportunity to enjoy the nightlife of London.

    drapers bar & Five Bells & Blade Bone
    Bars: The Morgan Arms, The Wentworth Arms & The Victoria

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    Hotels & Accommodation; with all kinds of rooms and facilities are serving the visitors. You will surely enjoy your stay at these sites because of their comfortable rooms and professional services.
    City Stay Hotel Ltd, 40 WiNKS, Old Friend & City View Hotel

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    Sights and Attractions; are attracting a big number of tourists from around the world on a daily basis. Well-known parks, art galleries and museums are located just close to the site of the station.
    Mile End Park, Matt's Gallery, Victoria Park, Museum Of Childhood & Ragged School Museum

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    Educational Institutes; are offering a wide range of courses to their students to improve their academic and intellectual standing.
    Schools: Central Foundation Girls' School, Phoenix School & Malmesbury Primary School
    Colleges & Universities: Queen Mary University of London, Bow School of Maths and Computing & College of East London

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    Gift & Bookshops; are working to provide residents and visitors of the area with all kinds of books, besides giving them the opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones.

    Gift Shops:
    Nansons, Evolution & Superdrug
    Book Shops: John Smith's Bookshop & Victoria Park Books

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    Health & Beauty; are provided by a list of beauty salons and fitness centers to help people not only look better, but also feel at their best as well!
    Health: Forward Pharmacy Ltd &Fitness First
    Beauty: Beauty Magic, Beauty on the Grove & Pride Hair Salon London

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    Emergency Services; are provided by professionals who are experts in their fields, starting from police work to emergency rescue and relief.
    Police Stations: Metropolitan Police Service, Bow Police Station & Bethnal Green Police Station
    Fire Stations: Bow Fire Station & Bethnal Green Fire Station
    Ambulance: Poplar Ambulance Station

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    Hospitals & clinics near Mile End Tube Station are working to provide residents and visitors to the area better health and medical conditions. With the availability of specialist doctors in close vicinity of the station, people now don't have to go far.
    Mile End Hospital, The London Chest Hospital, BMI The London Independent Hospital, PDSA Pet Aid Hospital & Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust

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    Shopping Malls; are not found in great numbers, but the one that is available, houses items of different kinds to facilitate people of the area.
    The Waterlily Shopping Centre

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    Childcare Centers; provide relief to working parents since they can leave their kids in the care of professionals who are trained to deal with young kids and their moods.
    Mile End Nursery & Playgroup, Pillar Box Montessori Nursery School, Harry Roberts Nursery School, Alice Model Nursery School & Ocean Sure Start

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