Mixed Shellfish and Pasta Salad Recipe

Sea food is a luxurious way to treat yourself. Here it gets just better. Mussels and prawns are added to pasta in an exotic matter that makes dining an exquisite affair. The salad is one of the best ways to win over your guests and is surely going to earn you points of admiration. Put the apron on and take the pot out because it is going to be fun and rewarding. Our step by step guide has the recipe below.

Serving size: 4 person
Preparation time: 4 hours 20 minutes ( do not be turned off by this. it includes refrigeration time in the end).
Utensils needed: saucepan, frying pan, sieve, small mixing bowl, salad bowl

Calories: 436
Fat: 22.9
Cholesterol: 22 mg


– 500 g (1 lb 2 oz) live mussels
– 75 ml (2½ fl oz) white wine
– Juice of 1-2 lemons
– Salt and black pepper
– 250 g (9 oz) pasta shapes, such as fusilli (spirals) or farfalle (butterflies)
– 50 g (1¾ oz) peeled, cooked prawns, defrosted if frozen
– 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
– 50 g (1¾ oz) fresh flat-leaved parsley, finely chopped
– 4 spring onions, chopped



  • 1

    Wash the mussels under running water so that they are totally clean of beards. Discard all broken or already open shells. Put the in a saucepan with wine and bring to boil and cook until they have opened up. Take off the heat and let them cool down.

  • 2

    Use a sieve to separate the cooking mixture and the mussels. Throw away any unopened mussels. Collect the cooking liquid in a bowl and the mussels in another. Add the lemon juice to the cooking juice and season with salt and freshly ground pepper. This will make your dressing.

  • 3

    Cook the pasta according to packet instructions. This normally includes cooking them in salted water until they are tender but still firm to the touch. Drain them and cool under running water.

  • 4

    Add the prawns, mussels, garlic, parsley and spring onions to the pasta and stir to mix. You might have to cut the prawns in half if they are too large. Add the dressing and toss together everything. Refrigerate for a few hours so that the flavors blend together well. Check for seasoning before you serve. Its better if you let the pasta return to room temperature after the time in refrigerator before serving.

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