Essential Food Ingredient Information

Have you ever wondered how to use those strange and unusual spices that came with your spice rack? Ever been confused as to just how many apples it takes to make up a pound? Ever found that you ran out of a necessary ingredient but didn’t have time enough for a quick trip to the supermarket to replenish your supplies before company arrives? Well, you’re in luck. As the title indicates, this article provides some information that you may not need today or next month, but probably will at some point in the future.


Allspice: Used in cakes, pies, cookies, preserved fruit, bread, pickles, relishes.

Basil: Used with tomato-y cooking, barbecue sauces, salads.

Celery Seed: Stews, roasts, meat loaf, lamb, salads.

Chili Powder: Not just for chili, but also for barbecue sauce, meatballs, meatloaf, egg salad.

Cinnamon: Sweets such as with Allspice, coffee, ice cream desserts, hot toddies.

Cloves: Marinades, ham, hot toddies.

Dill: Salad and dressings, mayo-based sandwiches and salads, eggs, cucumbers, fish, cheese dips.

Garlic: Meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, roasts, stews, soups, salads, dressings, etc. It’s not just good, but it keeps both vampires and certain illnesses at bay.

Marjoram: Veal, lamb, fish, chicken, tomatoes, bread, potatoes.

Nutmeg: Sweets such as with Allspice and Cinnamon, eggnog, custard, stewed veggies, soups.

Oregano: Pizza and all other tomato-y dishes, salad and dressings, beef, chicken, fish, eggs.

Rosemary: Lamb, meat stuffing, tomato sauce, potatoes, roasts, vegetables that resemble brains.

Sage: Veal, sausage, turkey stuffing, cheese spreads, soups.

Tarragon: Egg-based salads and sandwiches, stews, chicken, seafood, salad dressing.

Thyme: Parsley, sage and rosemary-based songs, chowder (or is it pronounced SHAU-dair), stuffing, meat, veggies.


1 Pound of Apples = 3-4 medium, 2 large

1 Pound of Bananas = 3-4 medium, 2 large

1 Pound of Dried Beans = 5 or 6 cups (depending on the specific type of bean)

1 Quart of Berries = 3 �½ cups

1 Ounce of Chocolate = 1 tbsp, melted

1 Pound of Flour = 4 cups, sifted (makes a great pound cake)

1 Cup of Macaroni, dry = 2 �½ cups cooked

1 Pound of Meat, diced = 2 cups

1 Pound of Mushrooms = 5-6 cups sliced

1 Pound of Spaghetti, dry = 7=8 cups cooked

1 Pound of Tomatoes = 3-4 medium, 2 large


Beer = Ginger ale, lemonade and tonic water.

Champagne = Fruit juice and seltzer water.

Creamed Corn = Milk and onion

Gravy = Cream of mushroom soup with bouillon or pureed veggies with ketchup and

Ground Beef = Ground pork, veal or lamb; or shredded squash, pumpkin, rice, pasta,
onion, green pepper.

Honey = 1 �½ cups sugar plus 1/3 cup water.

Iced Tea = Fruit juice

Sour Cream = Yogurt

Spaghetti Sauce = Meat, shellfish and veggies.

Tartar Sauce = Mayonnaise plus one-third as much sweet pickle relish.

Tomato Sauce = Tomato paste and water; or in a pinch ketchup and water.

Yogurt = Buttermilk

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