Most Healthy Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very important for you to stay healthy as they contain high quality fibre which keeps you going for a long period of time. It also contain different types of minerals, vitamins and plant based substances which is highly recommend by doctors for patients who have various health issues. Dietary experts always recommend using vegetables in your daily diet as often as you can. Though many Americans do not use as many vegetables as recommended by the culinary experts and nutritionists but now the current trend has increased the usage of adding some vegetables in their diets.


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    Many doctors believe that Kale is a powerhouse of nutrition and it has all the things which will keep you healthy for a long period of time. Many dietary experts, doctors, nutritionists and culinary experts rate kale number one as it has Vitamins A, C and K. It has also good amount of calcium, folate and potassium.

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    Collards are also similar in nutrition to kale. You can cook it Southern style. It has cabbage like taste and is filled with important calcium.

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    Turnip greens

    Turnip green leaves are also a very popular Southern favourite vegetable. Turnip greens are usually cooked with pork and gives a rich juicy taste. It has Vitamins A, C and K while it has lots of calcium as well.

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    Swiss chard

    Swiss chard also considered one of the top healthiest green leafy vegetables. It has Vitamins A and C. It also contains oxalates which is very healthy indeed. It is very healthy for people who have kidney stones.

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    Spinach also has many calories, fibre and vitamins. It also has Vitamin A and C along with folate.

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    Mustard greens

    Mustard greens are also a Southern Vegetable and have many benefits. Many doctors and food experts rate this vegetable high and say it is a very healthy alternative for many who cannot afford other sources of vitamins and minerals.

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    Full with Vitamin C, cabbage is also very healthy vegetable. It contains high quality fibre and minerals.

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    Iceberg Lettuce

    Iceberg lettuce is very healthy and also very tasty. It is a powerhouse of health in which minerals and vitamins are also included. You can use it in different kinds of salads as well.

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