Mobile Safari Emerges As Rapidly Growing Web Browser

You must already be aware of the growing importance of browser technology, especially in the mobile industry. They are increasingly critical as desktop apps become paler.

There are some interesting details that were gathered from e-commerce technology platform Monetate about the future of Apple’s Safari browser. According to data that was released by the ecommerce technology company on Friday morning, clearly indicates that Apple’s Safari is widely accepted browser and growing at a fast pace axs compared to other e-commerce sites.

Monetate collected this information from the 100+ ecommerce sites on its platform. According to the firm, Mobile Safari is the fastest growing web browser in the last few years on its sites, running from 5.84 % in Q1 2011 to 11.2 % in Q1 2012.  However, Internet Explorer still has a huge market share, but still Mobile Safari has made its name.

To gather this type of data, they don’t use toolbars or conduct consumer surveys, but the data is collected exclusively from its own customers and it focus entirely on ecommerce.

Its data doesn’t mean that Mobile Safari is on its way to take over Internet Explores and become the top browser of all time. However, Mobile Safari is considered to be the upcoming star in the e-commerce world, which undoubtedly indicates the rising popularity of mobile commerce.

Though, Explorer is still the market leader among web browsers with 42.35% market share, which has been declined from 53.45% the previous year.  On weekends, the market share of Explore declined badly to 35.82%, and on the other hand Mobile Safari claims 16.75%.

According to StatCounter, Chrome lies at the top of the list, having a huge market share with 32.43% as of May 2012, while Internet Explorer got the second position with 32.12% and Mobile Safari is not even in the list.

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