How to Keep a Cell Phone in Great Shape

Smartphone’s these days are full of fascinating features. They are a great source of entertainment, and with their attractive shapes and designs, they are a must have for everyone. A cell phone is your friend, and you must treat your buddies carefully.

The latest phones are extremely sensitive. Almost everybody has a touch phone these days. The glass used for touch screens is mostly very sensitive, and can break, get a scratch, or even get cracked at times.

All the more reason to keep your phone safe from getting those ugly scratches. Moreover, you will not be able to get a good resale price. Keeping the phone in good shape is not a tough thing at all. Only a few tips needed to be kept in mind.


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    First of all, you need to understand that weak signals kill your battery slowly but surely. The rule behind this phenomenon is very simple. A phone uses more power to access a weak network signal.

    You cannot avoid going into the basements. But a very simple technique to avoid weak signals is placing the phone not in a crowded purse or inside the lower drawer of your table.

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    Giving a fresh start to your Smartphone is also extremely important. Of course, you need your Facebook, Twitter and Email working all the time, but it is important to restart your phone at least once a week. It won’t take much time.

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    It is an established fact that Smartphones get slower with time. If you are downloading the latest applications, they will certainly affect the speed. The new apps are designed and updated for the newest Smartphones.

    So, if you are not using an older model, your phone will surely feel uncomfortable in handling the latest program. Try not to install unnecessary apps to make life easier for your cell phone.

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    If you don’t want to skip screen protectors, use the best ones. Usually, the low-quality screen protectors leave air bubbles, and make it difficult for the user to see things clearly. Many touch phones already come with a protective layer. In this situation, you can afford to skip a protector.

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    To avoid scratches, you can use mobile covers. But make sure the cover you are putting on isn't too big or too small. The phone must be protected from dust.

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    Just like computers, the mobile phones may become vulnerable to viruses. The phone must be handled with care, but the inner protection is also very important. Install an antivirus app to avoid any mess.

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