Top 10 Reasons Why Blackberry OS Failed

Blackberry OS from Research in Motion (RIM) suffered great losses recently, especially with the rising popularity of Android. Consequently, the company was forced to lay off several employees and are reducing expenses in order to cover up their costs. All this came after the company once had a stronghold in the smart-phone market, with most businesses supporting the OS. However, there are several reasons behind the OS failing in the face of iOS and Android.


  • 1

    NOC does not work perfectly all the time

    NOC or the Networking Operations Centre is the heart of the Blackberry Operating System. It helps in sending or receiving messages to and from all Blackberry devices. In case the server is down, you won’t be able to enjoy its features. The push technology is also supported by NOC and in case you are in a business conference, you will suffer huge problems.

  • 2

    Users losing interest

    Users of Blackberry feel like it can't compete with the features offered by Android and iOS. Once the users themselves lost interest in the OS, it came down fast.

  • 3

    Launch timings

    One of the main reasons of RIM’s failure is its time of launch in the market. While Apple came up with a new device every year and Samsung kept churning the S series, Blackberry devices were delayed and could not keep up with the market.

  • 4

    IMAP support

    Lack of IMAP support affects how your e-mails are stored. You emails will be viewed differently on Blackberry devices as compared to your desktop. Furthermore, you can’t even search your emails with keywords.

  • 5

    No offline GPS

    Navigation software is very common these days, and almost all smart-phones have it. However, the Blackberry OS requires you to be online at all times if you want to use GPS navigation - a requirement other operating systems don't have.

  • 6

    Problematic desktop software

    Blackberry has problematic desktop software which leads to difficulty in upgrading the device and synchronizing it.

  • 7

    Problems in Graphical User Interface

    Graphical User Interface of Blackberry OS became complex with the passage of time. Users feel that each new version gets more complicated rather than simplifying things.

  • 8

    Fewer blackberry applications

    There are few blackberry apps available and even the developers are not making more. This might be because of a smaller screen size and the restrictions on the apps. This is a huge disadvantage when compared with other operating systems.

  • 9

    Size of the screen

    iPhones and Android devices have larger screens compared to Blackberry devices. According to recent trends, customers have been more inclined towards larger screens, and this has adversely affected Blackberry devices.

  • 10

    Physical keyboard

    Blackberry phones come with physical keyboards. Most people nowadays prefer virtual keyboards as compared to physical ones. Furthermore, the presence of the keyboard means the screen size has to suffer.

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