How to Root Your HTC Wildfire S

Rooting of your HTC Wildfire S is not a daunting task to perform, and it carries many benefits. Rooting allows you to install custom ROMs, lets you to overclock the central processing unit and remove system applications. You can also access and enjoy some other features on your HTC, by simply rooting it. The task takes only a few minutes and can be performed easily in a systematic way.


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    Unlock Bootloader

    Start with unlocking you phone’s bootloader, as without doing it you can not proceed further with rooting of your mobile handset. You need to connect your phone to pc through USB cable and unlock bootloader from the HTC website.

  • 2

    Downloading Supertool

    Once bootloader is unlocked on your device, proceed to download supertool from HTC website. Follow given instructions about the download and installation. Do not attempt to download the tool from another given source, it can be detrimental to your phone security, and might delete some other application or data tools from your mobile handset. There are many alternative codes and small third-party applications tempting you to get them downloaded on your devices, claiming quick rooting of it, but can be risky.

  • 3

    Launch of Supertool

    Next and practical step in rooting of your mobile handset is launching of HTC supertool, which you have downloaded after unlocking of bootloader from the HTC website. You can fulfil this task by enabling USB debugging on your HTC Wildfire S. What you have to do is to go to Settings, then Applications, Development and then tick ‘USB Debugging’. Then plug your HTC smartphone and launch the supertool. Carefully follow all the process, as small error can interrupt the exercise and you will have to do it again from the beginning. If possible, try to run supertool as administrator.

  • 4

    Prepare Your Phone

    Once you are done with launching of HTC Supeprtool, press 1 (One) from your keypad. This will take you to prepare your phone using the Zergrush method. If you are unsuccessful, attempt the same process again.

  • 5

    Root HTC Wildfire S

    Once you are successful in preparing phone, what you have to do is to press 3 to root your HTC Wildfire S. It is a simple process, but if it is stuck or delayed, redo it again.

  • 6


    After rooting of your HTC 3 S, you just have to type reboot on your HTC Wildfire S to reboot HTC phone.

  • 7

    Installation Superuser

    Once you reboot your HTC Wildfire S, download and install superuser from the Android Market. It can be sometimes already installed. It is better to check before installation.

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