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The National Maritime Museum is one of the most popular museums in the United Kingdom, as several people visit it each year. The number of visitors to this museum touched 2,367,904 in 2009, from which one can judge the prominence of this venue in United Kingdom. The main reason behind attracting so many visitors every year is that this museum has a collection of over 2 million objects related to maritime, which are brought to this site from all over the world. This long list of objects not only makes National Maritime Museum one of the largest museums in the entire globe, but also one of its kind. Moreover, visitors can access this museum free of charge when temporary exhibitions are not taking place.

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    History of National Maritime Museum:

    The National Maritime Museum was founded officially in 1934 in Greenwich Royal Park that covers an area of over 200 acres. However, National Maritime Museum was formally opened by King George VI on April 27, 1937. This  museum went through a major renovation that was finished in 1999, when its main galleries were redeveloped fully. Later in 2008, National Maritime Museum started extension after it recieved £20 million donation from an Israeli shipping company called Sammy Ofer to build a new gallery.

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    Collections to See in National Maritime Museum:

    - Architectural models
    - Astronomical and navigational instruments
    - Charts and maps
    - Coins and medals
    - Decorative art
    - Figureheads
    - Fine art
    - Flags
    - Heraldry
    - Historic Photographs
    - Miscellaneous Antiquities
    - Polar Equipment and Relics
    - Ship Badges
    - Ship Plans
    - Ship equipment
    - Ship models
    - Special collections
    - Textiles
    - Timekeeping
    - Uniforms
    - Weapons
    - World Culture

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    Tickets and Entry:

    Visitors of all age groups can enter National Maritime Museum for free, as this museum does not charge a single penny on entrance.

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    Operational Hours of National Maritime Museum:

    The operational hours of National Maritime Museum are from 10:00 to 17:00 between Monday and Sunday.

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    Contact National Maritime Museum:

    To contact National Maritime Museum in London, use the phone number and email address given below:

    Phone: +44 20 8858 4422
    Bookings: +44 20 8312 6608

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    Location of National Maritime Museum:

    Park Row, London, Greater London SE10 9NF, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to National Maritime Museum:

    By Tram

    Cutty Sark Tram Station is 10 minutes walk from National Maritime Museum as the distance between these two sites is about 0.5 miles. In order to complete this journey in 10 minutes on foot, patrons should head east on A200 towards Greenwich Church Street/A206 from this tram station then turn right onto Greenwich Church Street/A206 and continue to follow A206. Afterwards, turn left onto Nelson Road/A206 and continue to follow A206. Later, the patrons need to make two right turns before they can find the destination on the left side. Directions from Cutty Sark Tram Station to National Maritime Museum.

    By Bus

    Greenwich, Trafalgar Estate (W-bound) is 5 minutes walk from National Maritime Museum as the gap between these two spots is 0.3 miles. So if a bus user heads southwest on Trafalgar Road/A206 towards Park Row and then continues following A206, he or she can reach National Maritime Museum after making a left turn and a right turn to locate the museum on the left side. Direction from Greenwich, Trafalgar Estate (W-bound) to National Maritime Museum.

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