Natural Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough

Sore throats and coughs are things that happen to us. Both of them can be painful and irritating experience for you. Sore throats usually happen when there is irritation and inflammation in the throat. When you have it you just cannot stop coughing and your strength diminishes. Some people see it out and hope that it will go away soon while others rush to their doctors and get medicines for their condition.  Besides the over-the counter medicines that you take for your sour throat and cough, there are other ways of treating it naturally.


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    Gargle with Salted Water

    Doctors always recommend that salted water is good for sore throats, cold and cough. Get a cup of warm water and mix it with half a spoon of salt. Mix them and then put some of the solution in your mouth. Gargle it for few minutes and make sure that you don’t swallow the solution. This treatment will help you and ease the throat irritation.

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    Natural Honey

    Most medicines for cough and sore throat include traces of honey. It is proven that honey is a natural cure for coughing and throat irritation. What you need to do is to get a cup of warm water and mix it with a tea-spoon of honey. The solution will soothe your throat and reduce its irritation.

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    Lemon Juice

    Lemons are natural ingredients that cure coughs and irritation in the throat. Mixing a lemon juice in a cup of warm water can ease your throat irritations and reduce the mucus.

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    Eat Chicken Soup

    It is an old tradition and belief that chicken soap is good for you when you are not feeling well and your throat is killing you.  Eating a chicken soup can reduce your throat irritations and as result of that put an end to your cough.

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    Steam yourself

    Get a cooking bowl and fill it quarter full with water. Add a tea-spoon of salt in it. Mix them and then boil it. Then try to inhale the steam from the hot solution. It is believed that this will sooth your throat and help you with the congestion.

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    Resting gives your body the ability to recuperate very quickly. Having the regular eight hour sleep will strength your immune system and give it the ability to defend itself against the microbes that cause cough and throat inflammations .

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    See a Doctor

    If your condition persists then you need to make sure to see your family doctor.

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