Open House Events in London

Open House event in London was started in order to endorse appreciation of architecture by ordinary people. During this event, the organizers arrange tours, educational projects, and lectures on different buildings of the British capital for kids and others in which they learn about the depths of architecture. Visitors of this event also get to talk with some well-known architects, historians and engineers who enhance their knowledge regarding the structural designs. Since this event takes place on weekends, therefore it is known as Open House Weekend. The Open House event takes place across the capital, but one of the favourite buildings of this event is Bank of England, as it allures a lot of visitors each year.

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    The first ever Open House event in London was organised in 1992 and after that it kept taking place each year. Basically the Open House event of London is an adaptation of the European Heritage Days. The Open House event of 2010 in London had featured more than seven hundred buildings, architects’ talks, neighbourhood walk, cycle tours and much more.

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    Since admission to all buildings in the Open House event of London is free therefore, people come from other cities of the United Kingdom as well, including London. These people explore construction ideas and philosophy behind the various amazing architectures. Visitors also go through the designs of different buildings during this Open House event.

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    Important Dates:

    The Open House event in London generally takes place in mid or end of September every year.

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    Usually Open House event lasts for two days.

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    How to Contact:

    In order to gain information related to Open House event in London, people should either click here or contact the Bank of England, one of the premier sites at this event, on the phone number given below.

    Phone: +44 20 7601 4444

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    No tickets are required to enter into any site that is open for the general public during Open House event in London, as entry is free and no age restrictions apply.

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    Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get there:

    By Tube

    Bank tube station is 2 minutes walk from Open House Event building called Bank of England. The distance between these two spots is close to 410 feet therefore if a commuter heads south on Prince's Street towards Mansion House Street after exiting from this tube station and then, turns left onto Cornhill, he or she will soon find the destination on the left after 2 minutes walk. Directions from Bank tube station to the Bank of England.

    By Bus

    Bank Station Cornhill (Stop E) is 13 seconds walk from the Bank of England, as the distance between them is about 59 feet. So if a person heads west on Cornhill towards Lombard Street, he or she will be able to find the destination soon after covering 59 feet distance. Bus numbers that have stops at this bus stop are 25, 710, N550, N551, 007, 010, 741, 741D and 742. Directions from Bank Station Cornhill (Stop E) to the Bank of England.

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