Ottawa Christian Private Schools Overview

Owing to their exclusive nature, private schools have increased in popularity over the past few years, particularly religious academies that offer special education from the perspective of a specific faith.  The Canadian capital of Ottawa and its surrounding areas have a significant Christian population. For those who are interested in inculcating and preserving cultural and religious values in their children, while providing them with a high quality education, a number of Christian private schools are located in Ottawa.


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    Calvary Christian Academy

    With a strong focus on spiritual development, this school believes that the correct attitude, principles and values trump any method that focuses solely on grades and lessons. However, along with the focus on spiritual development, the school also believes in nurturing children cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically. Established in 1997, the Calvary Christian Academy now offers a Preschool program, as well as a program that runs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

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    Community Christian School

    With the belief that each child is unique and should be treated as such, this school focuses on teaching children how to live consistently with strong Christian values. The institute believes that school is an extension of home, and that the purpose of education is to equip children for the service of God.

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    The Lifecentre church has 3 locations in and around Ottawa, along with a thriving Kids/Youth ministry. This is meant to help educate young people about faith, enable them to grow closer to God, and inculcate strong values which they can use as a guiding force throughout their lives.

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    Maryvale Academy of Ottawa

    An independent Catholic school, the Maryvale Academy of Ottawa aims to equip students to excel in both learning and spiritual growth. Students are nurtured spiritually in an authentic Catholic environment, and at the same time, are taught according to a Classical approach to education, in a gentle and stimulating environment.

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    Ottawa Christian School

    A Christian English elementary school, this school strongly believes in nurturing students spiritually, and is of the view that faith and education go hand in hand.

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    Redeemer Christian High School

    A Protestant Christian school established in 1975, this school is a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and Christian Schools International, and currently has a total of 165 students enrolled in Grades 9 through 12.

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    St. Timothy’s Classical Academy

    A private Classical Christian school, the St. Timothy’s Classical Academy strives to equip graduates with a strong understanding of self, good values and religious awareness.

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    Bishop Hamilton Montessori School

    This Montessori school is for children from Pre-school age to 14, and allows them to learn and grow in a nurturing and cooperative environment. The school sees itself as an institute where “mind and spirit go hand in hand”.

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    Centre Réveil International

    The city’s only French language private Catholic school.

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