Parc De Bagatelle Paris Overview

Parc de Bagatelle is one of the four beautiful botanical gardens in Paris. It is located in the heart of the Bois de Boulonge, the largest park in Paris.

The interesting story behind the construction of the garden is the main cause of attraction for the visitors. Parc de Bagatelle was constructed in response to a crazy bet between Marie-Antoinette and Comte d’Artois on September 20, 1777. Marie-Antoinette challenged his brother-in-law that it is an impossible task for him to build a castle in three months. However, D’Artois took it as a challenge and hired Jean-Francois Belanger, the famous French landscape architect of that time. Belanger stayed up, designed site plans in just one night, and completed the whole project in just sixty-four days. Eight hundred workers labored tirelessly, day and night and built it in an English-Chinese style popular as a counter trend to the rigidity of 18th century French gardens. The garden was then handed over to Paris government in 1905. Since then, this picturesque park is open all year for the visitors.


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    Location of the Parc de bagatelle

    Parc de Bagatelle is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, one of France’s main places with a large number of diplomatic embassies. Route Bois de Boulogne and de Sevres-a-Neuilly are the main entrances of the park.

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    Rose garden

    Parc de Bagatelle is well known for its rose garden with splendid collection of roses, created in 1907. The rose garden houses 9,500 rose bushes representing 1,500 rose species. A New Rose Festival is held in June every year. The appealing irises and water lilies spruce up the eye-catching ponds, with their artificial showers. The elegant daffodils, hyacinths, and colourful tulips further enhance the green lawns of the rose garden.

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    Intricate rock formations

    There are many alleyways and the intricate rock formations enhancing the beauty of the park. From artificial islands with secret cave chambers to the extraordinary multi-tiered waterfall and pond, this park is worth its weight in rococo rock tunnels and bridges.

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    Exhibitions and concerts

    Musical performances are organised including a Chopin festival. The Octuor de France concerts are arranged annually in the Orangerie from June to August. Exhibitions are also held regularly in the park of Bagatelle. The rose bed of Bagatelle", an international competition of roses occurs, is conducted under the supervision of Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier.

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    Restaurant de Bagatelle

    Restaurant de Bagatelle is a great spot that attracts visitors during bright summer days. Afternoon tea and drinks are usually served on the terrace and the trees whispering around with the colourful peacocks make it a perfect place to visit. Between the furniture in both contemporary and traditional red brick facade, Les Jardins de Bagatelle is a charm.

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    Keeping the visitors’ convenience in mind, many services are provided within the park including foreign language tour, wheelchair hiring, photography and many more.

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    The Orangerie

    The Orangerie is close to the beautiful rose garden and appeared to be just a big greenhouse with a seasonal display of plants including African Violets.

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    Chinese-style kiosk

    The little Chinese-style kiosk is called a factory garden. Ducks and peacocks, sometimes geese and coots attend this site. It is also visited by pheasant hiding around the heron, which prefers the pond of water lilies. A small lake and a dazzling sophora tree is situated next to Chinese-style kiosk, with a beautiful Indian peacocks often wander round it.

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    Other attractions

    There are many other sources of attraction for you in Parc de Bagatelle Paris like Iris garden, a vegetable garden, and the three small castles. You can see the peacocks parading in the park and calling each other. There is a small shady and wooded place, which hosted rabbits, hens, peacocks, and cute red squirrels.

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    Great place for a family

    Parc de Bagatelle is a perfect place for a family visit. Pair of bike racing venues and a zoo is the main source of attraction for the children. This beautiful park has a chain fountains, ponds, streams and walking trails. There are large grassy areas for sitting, walking or playing.

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    Entrance fee

    There is no entrance fee for the visitors except when there are temporary exhibitions held in the park.

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