Best Places for Photography in Paris

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations with a variety of attractions and historical sites. If you are planning to visit the great city or are already there, do not forget to get your camera and snap some of the most memorable photos for yourself, your friends and family.

The city offers some of the most picturesque sights in the world, such as the Notre Dame, Cite and the Eiffel Tower. Whether you are a photographer or not, missing out on a chance to photograph the beauty of Paris is unforgivable. Remember, you don’t need a professional camera for your photos and even cell phones today have high quality cameras that should serve just fine if you want to memorize your trip.


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    The Louvre

    It can take you a lifetime to fully explore and learn about the Louvre.  The site of the world's largest and most valuable collection of pre-20th century sculpture, painting, and decorative objects, the Louvre is definitely one of Paris' unsurpassed attractions.

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    Notre Dame Cathedral

    You cannot complete your trip to Paris without visiting this unique gothic construction. It is counted as one of the most significant and stunning churches of Europe. The spectacular towers, painted glass, spire and statuary at Notre Dame Cathedral's will definitely take your breath away.

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    Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower is a testament to the marvels of architecture. However, one of the most popular structures in the world, built for the 1889 World Exposition by Gustave Eiffel, was rowdily disliked by Parisians when it was first disclosed by the government.

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    The Sorbonne and the Latin Quarter

    The Sorbonne University is one of the important historic sites in Paris, producing some of the best students in the city. Being one of Europe's oldest universities, the Sorbonne was established in 1257 for theology students. It has created incalculable think tanks, including great philosophers like Jean Paul, René Descartes and Simone.

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    Arc de Triomphe

    Arc de Triomphe was specially constructed by the great Emperor Napoléon in 1806 to honour his conquests. It is a landmark to remember patriotic soldiers of Paris who scarified their lives. Triomphe is situated on the right bank of the Seine and at the hub of a dodecagonal configuration of twelve radiating boulevards.

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