Get Egypt Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Egypt is a quintessential tourist destination and French vacationers are not immune to its charms. The expansive desserts, immense Nile river and the ancient pyramids are only some of the attractions that pull visitors from France. The North African country is only a small jump across Mediterranean sea for visitors from Paris, and offers them a chance to walk the busy streets of Cairo and explore the historic bazaars of the city. French travelers will also enjoy luxurious cruises down river Nile which give a great view of the landmarks, cities and farms that line the banks. In order to plan a trip to Egypt, French nationals should consult the consulate located in Paris. Even though there is a separate embassy in France, visa and tourist issues are dealt separately in the consulate and not the embassy.

Consulat Général de la République Arabe d’Egypte
Location: 114 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 45 00 77 01 ‎


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    Visas for French Nationals

    French nationals need to apply for a visa before traveling to Egypt. This can be done in person at the Egyptian consulate in Paris or by courier

    Other nationals

    In order to get more details about different nationality based requirments, it is best to contact the embassy directly.

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    Visa Requirements

    a) Completed application form must be attached with all submissions.
    b) Valid passport is required with atleast six months before expiration. Free pages for stamps should also be available.
    c) 2 color photographs  with your signature on the back.
    d) In some cases, you may be asked for further information. This will also be needed to be submitted if the consulate requests.
    e) The fee should be included with the application.
    f) Return tickets and an itinerary.

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    Submitting applications

    There are two submission methods for applications. Prospective tourists can either walk into the embassy or send their forms by registered mail. There is no difference in the required documents for each method. However, for mail applications you must provide a registered or recorded envelope for the return of your documents.

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    Processing times and fees

    The processing times vary based on the method of submission. If you have submitted the forms by hand, then you can receive them after 2 days at the consulate. If the forms have been mailed in, they will be sent back after 5 working days.

    The fee for application is 20 USD. However, this can only be paid in cash for direct applications, and only by mail order for applications using registered mail.

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    Receiving entry permits

    You can receive the passport from the embassy or in the mail, depending on the method used to deliver the applications.

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    Final Checklist

    a) Valid passport
    b) 2 color photographs
    f) Return tickets and an itinerary.

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