Most Happening Christmas Party Venues of Paris

Christmas is just round the corner and people from all over the world are preparing to celebrate one of the world’s most popular event. Like anywhere, Christmas has sheer importance in Paris as well and it is commemorated with great excitement and enthusiasm. One of the major thing people of Paris look for during the Christmas is to be a part of the best Christmas parties in the city which suits their interest and affordability. Countless parties and events are organized with different themes and ideas to encourage every type of people with different age groups and company. Here are some guidelines to hire a Christmas party venue or an event in Paris according to your desire.


The first and foremost thing in selecting the most appropriate place for the Christmas party is to assess your suitability considering whether you are going with family, friends or alone.

Find the information about the parties in the city

After determining the suitability, the second step is to find out the best places for Christmas parties in Paris. This can be determined by searching online, in newspapers and magazines and television ads. There are indoor parties, outdoor parties, teenage parties and many other parties for Christmas. Sort out the best parties or venues in the city which suits your interest.


The next step is to determine your affordability. The cost of hiring a Christmas parties and venues differ from places to places. Before deciding hiring a place, it’s better to check out the prices of each suitable place to get the Christmas delight in your affordability.

Pay the best price

After reviewing all the available options, pay the best price to hire a Christmas party venue. By paying the best price means to pay for what you desire at the most affordable price rather than forfeiting your requirement.

Some of the famous venues for Christmas party are listed below.


  • 1

    Champs Elysees, is  the most famous street in Paris  which is flooded with elegant lights all around every winter especially for Christmas. Selecting a venue at Champs Elysees gives a unique experience whether it be a cafe, restaurant or some other place for a Christmas party.

  • 2

    Montmartre is the highest hill in Paris from where you can have a wonderful view of the city. It’s a must see place and having a Christmas party anywhere at Montmartre Hill is a unique and stunning experience.

  • 3

    Le Restaurant du Palais Royal, has one of the best locations in Paris where you can relax in the Royal and enjoy simple yet lip-smacking food.

  • 4

    Loubnane, is a Lebanese restaurant with the traditional environment. You can enjoy tasty food with live music.

  • 5

    La Nouvelle Eve is one of the best places to spend the Christmas Eve in Paris which is famous for its traditional cabaret. Enjoy the delicious dishes of the town at La Nouvelle Eve while watching the revue.

  • 6

    Café Charbon, is a old style cafe with great ambience in Paris which can be hired for a Christmas party.

  • 7

    Au Chat Noir, is a spacious and comfortable café is Paris where you can share drinks, cocktails and mouthwatering meals with friends and family.

  • 8

    Nouveau Casino, is specially designed to organize Christmas parties, concerts or any kind of big events.

  • 9

    The Hemingway Bar, is a world famous bar in Paris which is best suitable for hiring a Christmas party.

  • 10

    Lapérouse, is a French cuisine with elegant decoration and one of the best eating tables in the city.

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