Applying for Monaco Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Any foreign citizen, who wants to visit the sovereign city state, Monaco and want to stay there for a short period (not more than 3 months) for leisure and sightseeing, does not need a visa to enter in this country. Visas are granted to the visitors of Monaco upon arrival, but only to those who bring along documents mentioned below. Once the tourist visa is granted, visitors are free to start their journey in this French territory. Despite being a small state there are lot of attractions in Monaco, which also include the world famous venue, Monte Carlo Casino, for those, who want to experience a high life.


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    Since Monaco not only share border with France, but also has good relations with the country therefore, French citizens require only national identity card to enter into this small state.

    - While other nationalities should either possess a passport or travelling paper or ID document in order to enter into Monaco.
    - Except for aforementioned documents there are no other formalities are required from a foreign national to visit Monaco.
    - For more details contact The Embassy of Monaco in Paris.

    Ambassade de la principauté de Monaco

    Address: 22 Boulevard Suchet, 75016 Paris, France.
    Contact: +33 1 45 04 74 54

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    Check List

    As journey to Monaco do not require many documents therefore, tourists wouldn't have to re-check different documents before their departure. Tourist need to check his or her id paper or valid travelling document or passport, which should be accepted internationally.

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    Things Tourists are allowed to Carry With Them

    Tourists are allowed to bring in their medical supplies and toiletries to Monaco along with other regular routine items such as cameras, ipod or mp3 players, sun glasses and etc. Don't forget to take a small bag with you in order to carry small things with you.

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