24 Hour Open Restaurants in Paris

Paris is known as the most romantic city and rightly so! But there’s more to this City of Lights than mere romance. It is a lively city that engulfs you in the multi-cultural experience it offers. Whether you’re planning to visit Paris, are already a tourist, or live there, there are different places to visit. Amongst them, restaurants should be anybody’s top most priority. It is easy to find them in the hustle bustle of the city at day time, but when it comes to restaurants that are open at night; they are not a common sight. This article will list down restaurants in Paris that will keep your hunger pangs satisfied throughout the day’s 24 hours.


  • 1

    Au Pied de Cochon is situated in the heart of Paris offering a plethora of dishes to choose from since 1947.

  • 2

    Villa Spicy is designed on the architecture of an actual villa which creates a welcoming, homely ambiance for the customers.

  • 3

    Chez L'Ami Jean is a run by a talented entrepreneur, who has a formal education as a chef, and his wife


  • 4

    Hotel Malar is situated in a perfect location. Nestled between Tour Eiffel, in a quiet neighborhood, the hotel is small but the friendly staff makes up for it.

  • 5

    Le Grand Café is another of the few restaurants that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although considered to be a little expensive, it will still satiate your hunger pangs even deep in the darkness of night.

  • 6

    Alsace has great sea food that they serve throughout the day (subject to availability). If you’re in the mood to enjoy delicious food in a comfortable environment, do pay a visit to Alsace.

  • 7

    Hotel Costes is a trendy hotel that, unfortunately, does not possess a scrumptious taste. But the fact that it is open 24 hours and has a nice patio, fireplace and garden to give you a comforting vibe makes up for most of that.

  • 8

    Pizza Pinois yet another example of a restaurant that is open 24 hours but the food quality, according to some reviews, may not be as great as it should be. However, definitely worth a visit, in times of need!

  • 9

    Chaise au Plafond (La) instills a sense of comfort with its light colors and woody interior, creating an immaculately serene ambiance.

  • 10

    Crocodile Vert is the place to visit if you’re looking for a lively crowd, with some great music being played in the background. The comfortable, plush sofas will entice you into sitting back and relaxing with a drink in hand.

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