Applying For Sri Lanka Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

Sri Lanka is an incredible island country that is a mix of tropical paradise and old colonial style. The country side is dotted with ancient temples and tea plantations that give visitors from France  a nostalgic view of days gone by. The countries colonial history is not the only thing that attracts French tourists. The modern beach resorts and diving activities have started attracting a younger crowd of French tourists that want more active retreats at an incredibly economical price. In order to do this, visitors need to first apply for a visa. The entry permits can be obtained from the embassy located in Paris.

Ambassade Sri Lanka en France

Location: 16 Rue Spontini, 75016 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 55 73 31 31
Visit Ambassade Sri Lanka en France website


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    Electronic Travel Authority

    The entry requirements to Sri Lank have recently changed. Previously, French citizens were able to receive a visa on arrival at any Sri Lankan point of entry but now they have to first apply with the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The ETA is a online visa processing service that will help issue a visa before hand and is very easy to use.

    In Person

    If you do not wish to use the ETA service you can directly apply to the Sri Lankan embassy in person.

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    Required documents

    a) Your passport should be valid and have six months before it expires.
    b) A travel itinerary or return tickets.
    c) Latest bank statement that shows the applicant as the account holder and their total balance.
    d) A letter should be written to the embassy that explains your purpose of visit to Sri Lanka, travel dates, cities that you plan to visit and finally where you will be staying.

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    Submitting application

    You can submit your application using the two methods described below:


    a) Go to the ETA website by clicking here.
    b) Once you are on the main page click on the Apply button or click here.
    c) You will need to agree to the terms and conditions and then continue filling out the required details.
    d) After completing the application you will need to pay the processing fee using a credit or debit card.
    e) You will receive confirmation along with a tracking number which you should save.

    In Person

    You can make an appointment at the embassy and go in with your documents to apply. The embassy staff will use the same ETA system and lodge your application. You will receive a receipt and a tracking number which you can keep with you for later use.

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    Processing times and fees

    The processing time for the visa is usually three days. If you are a citizen of France you will be charged 20 USD or approximately 16 Euro. For further details on fees click here.

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    Tracking application

    The ETA has a tracking service that can be used if you applied online or in person. You will need the tracking number you were given when you applied and can go here to log in and see how far your application has proceeded.

    You can also use the ETA hot-line by calling +94 71 99 67 888 to track your application.

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    Receiving Visa

    You will not need to go and pick up the visa. Instead, you will receive it by email and in your ETA account. You will print this out and carry it with you when you go through Sri Lankan immigration.

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    Document Checklist

    a) Passport
    b) Travel itinerary or return tickets
    c) Latest bank statement
    d) Letter of purpose to embassy

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