Plan Things to Do In London over Weekend

Weekend in London, you can do many things to have a memorable time from restaurants to cultural trip, weekend in London are truly unforgettable. Find out things to do in London which include London events, London restaurants, and clubs. Discover what’s on London from exhibitions and gigs to shows and events.

London is an extremely happening place with many things going on simultaneously. You will be missing out on a lot of events if you are not going out on the weekends. Therefore, it is advised that you get up and find yourself different places in the city where you can actually enjoy. We have given you certain ways through which you can plan on doing different things during the weekend while you are in London.


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    The best and probably the cheapest way of entertaining yourself in London over the weekend are to discover one of the many places in London city by Walking around.

  • 2

    Discover the Borough Market, Spitalfields Market, Camden's Stables Market and Portobello Road Market.

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    Join the specially organized walking tours exploring places like the 2012 Olympic venue, Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and many other places.

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    During summer, you can enjoy the weather at its best going for swimming in one of the many parks that offer this facility.

  • 5

    London contains some excellent sports stadiums that host a range of international events. The tour of Chelsea FC offers a real behind the scenes look of a top football club.

  • 6

    The young swimmers or kids can enjoy swimming at the Lido and paddling pools at Parliament Hill Fields, Hyde Park, Brockwell Park or Hornfair Park.

  • 7

    Those who might be looking for a quiet and soothing atmosphere out of the noisy buzz in the city have an option of boating at Battersea Park, Hyde Park or Regent's Park.

  • 8

    There are more than 300 hundred museums and art galleries in London that can be visited during the day. It would be nothing less than earning a degree if you visit them all.

  • 9

    A visit to London is considered incomplete without a visit to any of the theatres.

  • 10

    Spend night out in London famous night life clubs and pubs with exotic events and gigs. Fabric club, FClub, Notting Hill arts club, club aquarium and heaven club are few famous clubs to visit.

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