Pomegranate with Vodka and lime Recipe

The pomegranate with vodka and lime drink is a classic summer season beverage, which is sure to quench the most vicious of thirsts. Containing the fresh and exotic pairing of lime and pomegranate, which elevates ordinary vodka to a whole new level, the drink is perfect for a hot summer afternoon, or for getting an evening started off on a great note. In addition to being refreshing, the ingredients used in this cocktail are easily available, and the beverage takes 5 minutes or less to prepare.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serving size: Serves 2 persons
Utensils: Electric blender, serving glasses

– 250ml fresh juice of pomegranate
– 80ml vodka
– 2 cups of ice cubes
– Lime wedges, for garnishing purposes


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    Start by placing your serving glasses in the refrigerator, so that they can become nice and frosty by the time you are ready to serve your drink – the added chilliness of the glass will bring a whole new level of freshness to the beverage. For serving, you can use pretty much any glass you choose, although a traditional bar glass will work best.

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    Next, take an electric blender, and proceed to pour in the 250ml of fresh pomegranate juice, and the 80ml of vodka. Follow this up by adding in the 2 cups of ice cubes. If you want, you can also use crushed ice – if you do opt to use this instead, do not add it to the blender beforehand, and simply put the crushed ice in the drink after you are done blending it.

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    Now, turn the blender on, and blend the mixture on medium speed, in quick, short pluses. Blend the liquids and the ice cubes until the ice is crushed. Once you are done blending, line your chilled serving glasses up together, and equally distribute the beverage among these. Make sure you do not fill the glasses to the top – leave at least an inch of space at the top.

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    Finally, garnish the glasses with some fresh lime wedges – in addition, you can also sprinkle some pomegranate seeds onto the top of the drink. Your pomegranate with vodka and lime is now ready – serve chilled.

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