Public & National Holidays in Vietnam

Like all other parts of the world, public holidays in Vietnam are when the public and private sector employees get a day off from work to observe important historic incidents or celebrate religious and cultural events. Public holidays in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are regulated by the law makers under the Laws of Vietnam and follow both the Gregorian and Lunar calendars. Almost half of the public holidays in Vietnam follow the modern Solar calendar while the other half are based on the Lunar calendar. Overall the country observes just six public holidays in a year.


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    Holidays in January

    1st - New Year’s Day

    January 1 is observed as New Year’s Day in Vietnam just like any other part of the world, to celebrate the beginning of a new solar year.

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    Holidays in February

    3rd - Communist Party of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary

    The Vietnamese observe the foundation ceremony of the Communist Party of Vietnam (the funding and ruling party of the country) on February 3 every year.

    Vietnamese New Year

    Besides Gregorian calendar, the Vietnamese also follow the lunar calendar and celebrate Lunar New Year as well. It is by far the most important and the most celebrated event in Vietnam. It usually takes place between late January and early February and the country observes five holidays – last two days of the last lunar month of the previous year to day 3 of the first lunar month.

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    Holidays in March

    8th - International Women's Day

    Like various other parts of the world, the Vietnamese also observe International Women’s Day on March 8 to show deference, appreciation and affection towards women and celebrate their achievements in different fields.

    Day 10 of 3rd Lunar Month - Hung Kings Commemoriations/ Festival

    Hung Kings Commemoriations officially began to be a national holiday in 2000 and is celebrated on day ten of the 3rd lunar month every year. Banks and offices observe a day off from work while restaurants and stores resume as normal.

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    Holidays in April

    30th - Liberation Day/Reunification Day

    This day marks the reunification of Vietnam which actually happened on April 30, 1975. Since the day precedes Labour Day, it makes a kind of long weekend for the workers.

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    Holidays in May

    1st - International Worker’s Day

    Like various other parts of the world, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam also observes International Worker’s Day on May 1 every year to commemorate the achievements of the labour movement.

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    Holidays in September

    2nd - National Day

    September 2 is the designated date to celebrate the Independence Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which actually happened in 1945. Banks, schools and public offices remain closed on Independence Day. Private workers also observe a day off on this memorable day, while most of the restaurants and medical stores remain open.

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