Punishment & Fines for Working Illegally in Dubai

With more than half of the major multinational companies’ operating offices, Dubai is one among the world’s best business hubs. The booming economy, minimal tax regime, latest facilities of life, and completely convertible currency are the reasons why Dubai has become one among the most excellent destinations for workers, yearning to find employment abroad. Although, this amazing business city offers huge number of opportunities, but one cannot take them for granted as any effort to work illegally in Dubai is considered a huge crime, leading to some harsh consequences & penalties. Therefore, it is better for the workers to forget about any illegal ways to get into a job. Make sure to go through the lawful and legal ways to get an employment, otherwise, you will be in deep trouble. Before facing any problem, read this simple article in order to get an idea of the consequences & penalties of working illegally in Dubai.


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    Get an idea of the Dubai’s Laws of Employment

    It is must for you to do a proper research on Dubai’s Laws of Employment before getting into any type of work. It gives you an edge to keep yourself out of the penalties associated with illegal means of employment. Your basic line of research in this regard should be the types of work permit or visa that you need to work in Dubai. All the entrepreneurs are required to obtain the business license from the Economic Department of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Click here for any further details on Dubai’s working rules.

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    Consequences & Penalties

    Working unlawfully in Dubai is intolerable. In fact, the employer or employees have to provide the required documents when they are inquired for authentication by the Ministry of Law in UAE. These documents include marriage certificates, adoption and custody degrees, educational degrees, and birth certificates etc. Those who entered Dubai legally but subsequently work illegally can be jailed up to two months. Moreover, the guilty employee or employer can be deported. On the other hand, there remains span for the higher employment authorities to inflict a larger punishment, given that the Labor Law of UAE also makes provision for locking up to six months.

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    Appeal is your right

    Making an appeal against any injustice during the process of your employment’s verification is your right. In case of any appeal or employer-employee dispute, you can simply consult the special department of the Ministry of Labor in UAE. It has been formed with an aim to review and settlement of such labor claims within UAE.

    Note: While making an appeal, make sure that you are a legal resident of Dubai otherwise your appeal can open another aspect of your illegal activities.

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