Queen’s Theatre in London

In the neighborhood of Hicks Theater, the Queens Theater was opened on Shaftesbury Avenue. This West End theater is known for presenting several valuable productions and raising its curtains for the best performances and stories. Since its inauguration, the venue has been playing its role as the hub of arts and English culture. Approximately 200,000 people enjoy the entertainment provided under the roof of Queens Theatre every year. Their main aim is to endow education along with entertainment so that people who possess extravagant talent can figure out their hidden artistic abilities and make positive uses of it. From the costumes, roles, performers till the story line – every field is given equal importance, which is why Queens Theater’s work is so much admired.

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    On the 8th of October 1907 in Westminster, W.G.R Sprague designed Queen’s Theater. It was initially decided that the venue will be named as Central Theater, but then in honor of Queen Alexandra it was named as Queen’s Theater and her portrait was hung in the foyer. The first production was of comedy genre which was produced by Madeline Lucette Ryle. The name of the drama was ‘The Sugar Bowl’ and then the business continued.

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    Things To Do at Queens Theater:

    - The theater is producing amazing plays and performances for kids; you can plan a visit with your children on weekends and give them a chance to spend some time with glee.

    - Along with comedy and serious shows, musical performances are also organized at the theater.

    - A café bar is also available within the theater and you can order your favorite meal during operational hours.

    - The venue can also be hired for kids' parties or a semi-formal event.

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    For Booking:

    All possible options are available for booking a ticket at the Queen’s Theater; it’s up to you whether you wish book your ticket online, through a phone call or a personal visit. The management of the theater accepts credit and debit cards. Further information can be viewed through this link.

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    Operational Hours:

    From Sunday till Saturday, the theater remains open between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm.

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    Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6BA, United Kingdom.

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    How to Reach Queens Theater:

    By Tube:

    Only 3 minutes’ walk is required to cover 0.2 miles of space between the theater and the nearest station Piccadilly Circus. Take an exit from the station and then commence in east direction on Coventry St/A4 towards the Great Windmill St. Take a left turn onto Great Windmill St and after covering 315 feet distance, continue your walk on Shaftesbury Ave/A401 and then the last  turn will take you towards Wardour St where the theater is located. For a detailed view of the pedestrian route, take a look at this link.

    By Bus:

    The nearest bus stop, Soho, Trocadero Haymarket (Stop K) allows route number 14, 19, 38, N19 and N38 to make stop. From the stop, Queens Theater is 325 feet away and this distance can be covered in a minute. From the bus stop, head northwest on Rupert St and then move towards Shaftesbury Ave/A401. After reaching A401, take a right turn onto Shaftesbury Ave and keep on walking until you reach Wardour St. Take a left turn into the street and you will reach  your destination. For a detail view of the map, click here!

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