Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School London

If being a parent, you are looking for a place where your child can be treated in the similar manner as you would want to, then Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School is definitely a heaven on earth. Children aged between 2 to 5 are endowed with comfortable and secure environment under the supervision of reliable staff members. Not only children, but this organization provides several chances in which parents are given a chance to spend some quality time with their kids. Besides child care, the next foremost aim of the organization is to check if child is being given quality education in a proper institute. If for some reason, any child is unable to acquire perfect education, then they are provided with huge support in order to fulfill all needs and requirements. In the presence of friendly environment, parents and the carers accomplish in making a strong partnership, which massively benefits the child.

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    Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School Services:

    Besides the facility of child care Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School has tried their level best to establish a place, where children can explore as much as they can and acquire quality education. Various activities are organized which gives children the chance to spend their time with glee and comfort.

    Childminding network session is organized in order to unveil any sort of issues a child maybe suffering from.

    A healthy and full of nutrients meals are provided to children, different menu is prepared on different days so that children are provided with health-giving meals.

    A report is also prepared in which child’s performance is recorded.

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    Operational Hours Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School:

    Monday till Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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    How to Contact Rebecca Cheetham Nursery:

    If you are interested in getting your child in this outstanding child care service provider organization, then do not waste any time and use the contact information given below:

    Contact: +44 20 8534 3136

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    Career at Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School:

    In order to be a part of this organization, you can use the contact information given below, which will definitely help you in your purpose:


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    How to get to Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School from Abbey Rd Station:

    By Tube:

    After coming out of the station you will have to head northeast in order to cover 0.5 mile distance. From the Abbey Road move towards the Leywick St and turn left, after covering 0.3 mile distance on the Abbey Road ,take another left and start marching on the New Plaistow Rd/A112. When you will cover the pace of 112 feet take a right turn and start commencing on Church St. After 0.1 mile take another right turn which will take you staright towards your actual destination.View Map

    By Bus:

    Church Street (Stop N) lies in the vicinity of Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School, take route number 69, 241, 262, 276 or 473 to reach the nursery.

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