Restaurant Manager Job in Ottawa Overview

The city of Ottawa presents great opportunities to individuals who wish to make a career in the hotel management sector. This includes the job of a restaurant manager, which is considered a pretty lucrative career avenue. Although the position does require a formal education in the field, but there are other factors that are involved too. These include having impeccable inter-personal skills, a high level of confidence to deal with people, prior experience in the same industry or as a restaurant manager (preferred).  Even though many people have a flair to manage, and they also have the required skill set but what lacks is the awareness of how the whole process of getting a restaurant manager job in Ottawa works. But after reading through this article, that part will be clarified!


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    The ideal fusion to be a restaurant manger is to have a blend of education, experience and proper certified training in the field. Computer skills are very crucial for working with point of sale systems and the ability to speak different languages is considered to be an asset (lest the manager has to deal with a difficult customer who speaks a different language than what is locally spoken!) In case you don’t have a formal managerial qualification, you can consult the following universities/training institutions to gain the required diploma/degree.

    Ottawa University

    Le Cordon Bleu Paris

    Algonquin College

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    After getting proper education and certification, next step is for you gain experience in the restaurant industry. Try applying in well-known restaurants so you have a great experience to show on your resume. A few of them are listed below.

    Courtyard Restaurant

    Social Restaurant and Lounge

    18 Bar Restaurant

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    After you have sufficient experience in the restaurant industry (even if it is as an internee), try making formal applications for the post of a restaurant manager. Although personally dropping your resume at restaurants  will be ideal, but digital world has made the process of applying to organisations extremely easy. It's time for you to make use of the online web portals that are available which list vacancies for the posts of restaurant managers.

    Menu Palace Website

    Indeed Website

    Simply hired Website

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    Try personally visiting these restaurants and contacting their HR departments so you can hand your CV over to them.

    Courtyard Restaurant

    Social Restaurant and Lounge

    18 Bar Restaurant


    Beckta Dining & Wine

    Ottawa Marriott Hotel

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    After applying at several places, if you are shortlisted, you will be called for an interview. So, prepare yourself for the interview and be confident during it.

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    Restaurant managers having relevant educational background usually advance very quickly in the field, and may even qualify for further developments to district manager and top executive positions in big organizations. The possibilities are endless and sky is the limit!

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