Roding Valley Tube Station London

Roding Valley Tube Station of London Underground serves Central Line and is located in Fare zone 4, and since it does not have many residential properties around, this is one of the reasons why it is not as a busy station as others in the London underground system are. Only an approximate number of 210,000 commuters travel through this station per year. However, this has not effected the number of facilities that are provided, since not only is the assistance of dogs provided, but hard hearing people and visually impaired individuals are also provided help. The ticket hall can be accessed and exited through the same way – by Station Approach and Cherry Tree Rise and after walking 2m, going up 24 stairs and then walking for 14 m again, before going down 22 stairs to finally reach the ticket hall. Places to explore near Roding Valley Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shop

    Although the area has mostly residential and locals living around with not a lot of visitors coming by, but there are still quite a lot of affordable restaurants and coffee shops around.

    Toby Carvery, Bancroft RFC & Leonardos.

    Coffee shops:
    Simply The Café, Belgique & Costa.

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    Clubs & Bar

    In the mood for an exquisite glass of wine? Or a pint of tequila? Or maybe a screw driver that will tantalize your taste-buds? Then the following listed clubs near the tube station will surely not be a disappointment.

    Monkhams Inn, The Three Colts, Toby Carvery, The Travellers Friend & The Railway Tavern.

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    There are numerous hotels and accommodation places near Roding Valley Tube Station to accommodate people who wish to stay over for a few days.

    Menzies Prince Regent Hotel, Packfords Hotel & The Three Jolly Wheelers.

    Other accommodation:
    Premier Inn Loughton / Buckhurst Hill.

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    Sights and Attractions

    Who doesn't like a stroll in the park, hand-in-hand with their loved ones? And the next time you are in the mood while near Roding Valley Tube Station, make sure you visit one of the sights and attractions listed below.

    Ray Park, Ashton Playing Fields & The Woodford Wells Club Cricket Pitches.

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    Educational Institutes

    Parents always strive to give their children the best possible education they can. And when they're near the tube station, they don't have to worry about that!

    The Winning Edge, West Hatch High School & Bancroft's School.

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Gift and bookshops can be found selling a variety of items for people to avail. From latest novels to classics, and from gift items for young children to adults - these shops have all the products one can need.

    Gift shops:
    One Six Queens, Inspire Gifts, Eddies, A Glass Above & Nicole's.

    The Village Bookshop & Michelle Fashions.

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Those people who are living near Roding Valley Tube Station and need grooming or health fitness centre near Roding Valley Tube Station, can visit the following health and beauty service providers.

    Allstar Kickboxing  Academy, Primal Health & REPOSE Studio.

    Fab, His & Hers Beauty Clinic, Venus Inspired, Robert Bell Salon & Unique Nails.

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    Emergency Services

    People who are in a need of emergency help near Roding Valley Tube Station or need urgent assistance can contact the following emergency service.

    Woodford Fire Station.

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    Hospitals & Clinics

    People who are in need of medical help and want to consult a doctor for regular checkup have the following options of clinics and hospitals.

    Holly House Hospital & Marie Stopes International Essex Centre.

    West Essex, Marie Stopes International Essex Centre & Forest Edge Osteopathic Clinic.

  • 10

    Shopping Mall

    In these times of fast-paced lives, one desires one-stop-shops that provide everything under one roof. This is why visiting Shopic, a shopping mall near Roding Valley tube station, is a success!


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    Childcare Centre

    Working parents who want someone to take care of their child while they are away and working need not to worry as long as they are near Roding Valley Tube Station, because there are plenty of child care centres located there.

    Tumble Tots, Queens Baby Nursery, Woodlands Day Nursery & Greenway Kindergarten, BusyBee Parties.

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