Rules for Filming in Dubai

Dubai is a luminous gem in the desert which accommodates more than 10 million tourists every year. So before going to this awesome place, a visitor should have some knowhow of certain rules and regulations in order to avoid any unpleasant experience.

According to the local laws, the authorities are allowed to hold a suspect without any charge for 2 days before being referred to prosecution. Just like the strict rules & regulations for photography in Dubai and banned materials in Dubai, there are some rules for filming in the city as well. Below is the list of rules and regulations to educate you if you are unaware of any of the local sensibilities.


  • 1

    Filming of local women is strictly prohibited

    Since Dubai is a Muslim state and it follows strict Muslim laws. The laws and culture of this place is quite different from the West and other democratic nations. You are not allowed to make films of local women unless they have permitted you to do so.

    Note: There are some renowned model agencies where you can hire a model and put her in abaya.

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    Filming of alcohol is not allowed

    Although alcohol is freely available in most of the Dubai’s hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but you are not allowed to film while people drinking it, or anything related to this unless expressly permitted.

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    No filming of any disgraceful activity

    Vulgarity, nudity and pornography are not at all permitted in any case.

  • 4

    You are not allowed to portray any negative image or defamation of Islam.

  • 5

    No filming of important places or buildings

    Avoid making films of government property, royal palaces or any other place that look to be of political and military importance.

  • 6

    No filming without permission

    You need to have filming permissions for UAE to shoot any movie, short film, documentary, drama or any art movie etc.

    Besides that you also have to take permission from local authorities to make films in order to avoid any inconvenience. For instance if you want to shoot on Metro, you must take permission from the Transport Authority. Similarly, if you want to shoot in a mall, you must obtain permissions from the Mall administration before filming.

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