Employer Leave Letter

As an employer, if you work closely with your team of employees, you might want to inform them of your absence from work so that they can plan things accordingly and clarify any matters before you take off. Typically, since you are the employer, you only need  to send the letter to the human resource department and they will further convey the information to your employees.

If you are short on time, we will not only show you how to write an employer leave letter but have also provided samples and a template for your reference.

Tips on Writing an Employer Leave Letter

  • Clearly mention the dates you will be gone from work.
  • You don’t need to give a detailed reason if you don’t want to.
  • Invite the employees to bring their issues or concerns to you before you leave.
  • Give a date of return if possible.


  • 1

    Sample of an Employer Leave Letter #1

    Harry James
    Infospan INC
    970 Prospect Ave, Apt 101
    Hollister, CA 95023-4990

    14th February, 2012


    Respected Staff members,

    This letter is to confirm that I will be away from the office for two days, from February 15, 2012 to February 16, 2012. During this time, I will be traveling out of the city to attend the meeting of the board of directors that will last for two days.

    In my absence, my duties will be assigned to my assistant Tim Jones. Nevertheless, I may be contacted via email if there is an urgent matter. I will be back to work by 17th February, 2012.

    All of you are requested to follow regular office timings and discipline. Your cooperation in this matter would be highly appreciated.


    Harry James

  • 2

    Employer Leave Letter Sample #2

    James Miller
    Starinfo INC
    910 Prostar Ave, Apt 121
    Holyland, CA 92023-4292

    14th February, 2012


    Respected employees,

    Please be informed that I will out of office for the next two days i.e. from February 15th, 2012 to February 16th, 2012 on account of a family commitment. However, I shall be back to work no later than 17th February 2012. If there is an urgent matter I can be contacted via email.

    You are directed to coordinate with my assistant Sarah Parker at her extension 320 in my absence. I hope that the office rules and regulations will be strictly followed during this time period.


    Harry James

  • 3

    Template of an Employer Leave Letter

    Your name:


    Subject: (Your subject here)

    Respected Staff members,

    I am writing this letter to inform all of you that I will not be attending work for the next (Leave duration/Days/Weeks), i.e. from (Start date) to (End date).

    There is a (Your reason/meeting/family commitment/personal matter) that I need to attend to, and for that I will be traveling out of the city.

    If you have any pending work or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


    Your Name/ Signature

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