Signs & Symptoms of Exhaustion and Dehydration

It is a general notion of countless people that dehydration and exhaustion come in summer season but it is wrong as you can suffer with dehydration and exhaustion at any part of the year. Usually when people work more than their capacity they suffer with dehydration and exhaustion that drains the moisture in their body and can cause cramps. Those who do tough physical tasks like athletes should know the signs and symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion. If you also do physical work and want to know about the symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion, then keep reading this post.


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    First of all, you need to know that dehydration and exhaustion usually occur when the amount of water in your body is not sufficient and if you continue working with this condition, you are more likely to get cramps in different parts of your body.

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    The most prominent sign of dehydration and exhaustion is thrust because your body requires water. Always keep drinking water with regular intervals when you are doing some physical task no matter it is summer season or winter.

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    There are many other symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion including flushed skin, dry mouth, appetite loss, fatigue, light headedness, dark-coloured urine and chills. Whenever you face all or any of these symptoms then you are suffering with dehydration and exhaustion.

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    When you observe these symptoms appearing, you need to drink water or other fluids which will provide your body with the required amount of water and you will be able to get rid of dehydration and exhaustion.

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    However, if you keep working while having dehydration and exhaustion, then you will end up in aggravating the situation which can cause you greater trouble.

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    The worst condition in dehydration and exhaustion can be judged through increasing heartbeat, decreasing urination, increasing temperature of body, increasing respiration, muscle cramps, decreasing sweating and headache etc.

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    You need a doctor if these symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion appear because you will not be able to deal with it and a professional will help you in getting back to normal condition.

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    If you are doing physical work in summer season, then you have to drink plenty of water. Try to follow it in winter season as well which will help you to avoid dehydration and exhaustion.

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