Signs & Symptoms of Soy Allergy

While soy is promoted as one of the best super foods available to man today, for some it does not really work. Soy allergy is a condition that can make it difficult for the patient to avail the numerous benefits of this bean. Soy is a protein rich bean, which is the main reason why it causes allergic reactions. For some, taking more than 15 grams of protein in a go can trigger allergic reactions, hence soy allergy. However, soy allergy is not fatal, unless it gets really serious. Hardly the allergy has been recorded as life threatening.


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    To start with, soy allergy symptoms can develop within a couple of minutes or a couple of hours after consuming soybeans. To those who are allergic to it, any food or meal containing soy can trigger reaction. It should be noted here that every soy allergy patient is allergic to soymilk or soy oil.

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    Tingling in the mouth is the most common sign and symptom of soy allergy. Patients will feel sensitivity in their mouths after a couple of minutes of consuming soy.

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    Itchiness, hives and scaly skin are also some of the symptoms associated with soy allergy. Eczema is also associated with soy allergy at times. However, eczema triggered by soy allergy is temporary.

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    Swelling of the face, tongue, throat and lips can be faced by the patient. In such incidents, an immediate food allergy injection should be given.

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    Runny nose, trouble breathing and wheezing are also symptoms of soy allergy.

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    Diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting are also associated with soy allergy.

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    Redness of the skin or flushing is also among the most common symptoms of soy allergy.

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    In severe cases, anaphylaxis, patients can experience swollen throat, constriction of airways or lumps in the throat, which can make it difficult to breathe and can be fatal at times.

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    A severe drop in blood pressure or shock is attributed to soy allergy at times.

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    Rapid pulse rate is also among the symptoms of increased soy allergy.

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    Dizziness, light-headedness and loss of consciousness are also some symptoms of extreme level of soy allergy.

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