Steps to Become a Special Education Teacher

Special Education teachers guide students with physical and learning disabilities and help them develop skills which are usually uncommon to them. They may have the same degree and qualifications when compared to a conventional teacher but they tend to specialize in special education teaching program to meet a particular state’s requirement when it comes to working with disabled people.  Therefore if you are attempting to pursue a career in teaching, you need have an appropriate license.


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    Preferably you need to have a four-year bachelor’s degree in special education. This is however, not necessary as most of you will decide later on that you are interested in this particular field. For that you can pursue a master or doctoral degree or simply check the state law and figure out your next move. Most state regulations clearly seek your focus in special education, where you can start teaching and side by side, pursue your degree in the relevant field. In most states, there is a specific exam which you need to give before obtaining your certificate or license.

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    Decide your area of proficiency as you will require certain skills to interact with students with varying degree of disability, ranging from emotional, physical and learning. Chose an option which best suits your aptitude and make sure you carry the respective course work. You will need to have excellent communication skills where you are able to deal with all student related problems and advice their parents.

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    You need to be prepared professionally, keeping in mind all possible factors. One-on one discussion will be important along with group settings, and understanding the immediate need of your students. Familiarize yourself with the relevant technology that you will need to incorporate into your work, which will do wonders for the child. You need to give extra time and need to be creative and imaginative. Motivating students will be among your foremost duties.  Caring and understanding will get the best out of you. Patience will hold key.

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    It is easy to get a job in special education due to the low turnover ratio of teachers who are willing to pursue this field as a career.

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