Steps to Become a Teacher

Thinking of pursuing a career in teaching? Surely it is a rewarding field but the process and challenges are greater than you think. In order to be successful, you simply do not need a degree but it is standing up to various tests and tackling the students, and motivating them to do good in life and academics.

You need to be able to convince the class that you are the best even if they don’t like you much, and need to keep track of all the new procedures and standards, along with spending extra time on preparing lectures, assignments and class activities. Also you need to devote special attention to certain students, while keeping an eye for one who you think is destined to achieve uniqueness. Therefore, balance is key to your own success.


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    Firstly, you need to figure out whether you want to teach. Teaching is not for everyone, even if you were among the high achievers. Also the rewards increase as you get experience. Don’t think that you will be paid a high salary instantly, and also decide whether you will be able to deal with students when the going gets tough. It is an important consideration as you need to be wiser.

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    It is important to know your place. Find out what you prefer in terms of teaching the small age group or catering to college students. That will more or less depend on your own interest. If you are rendering your service to a local public school, then prepare accordingly, as it will be a different teaching experience as compared to dealing with students who join private schools, and are considered among the higher class of the society.

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    There is a teacher preparation program in every state which you need to give in order to meet the teaching requirements. Narrow down your options and visit the schools and colleges of interest. Meet the students and the faculty members, which will allow you to gauge what is in store for you. In some cases, there is an ‘observation’ experience as well, or when the school needs a teacher on a part-time basis. Look for such opportunities at the very beginning.

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    You need to keep tabs on all professional ethics related to teaching. You will be evaluated on that as you seek to climb the teaching ladder. Make sure that you are a part of a professional association like the National Council of Teachers of English.

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