Summer Garden Party Food Ideas

A summer garden party is a perfect way to enjoy and celebrate the warm season. Calling guests for this party indicates that you want to enjoy the nature’s beauty and atmosphere. You can create great memories with garden themed parties. A garden party food should be light and elegant. The food should be of a type that people can enjoy eating and socialise with each other at the same time. As the party is organised in a garden or an outdoor location, you might want to serve food with less meat and sauces. You need to properly arrange the party before deciding the food. Prepare the table, buy all the ingredients a day before and chill the drinks.


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    Drinks and beverages

    You should gather and serve a range of drinks at your garden party. You can get a traditional British drink Alcoholic Ginger Beer or serve Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Remember to chill your bottles of beers and wines in a bucket full of ice. Also serve chilled juices and soft drinks for all of your guests. For children, you can give juices or Fruit Flavoured Spring Water.

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    You can arrange BBQ on one side and grill chicken and meat. Serve your guests grilled meat and other grilled things. Serve them hot or as soon as you cook them. This will taste great and delicious.

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    Cheese and fruit buffet

    Place cheese and fruits in different dishes and place on the garden table. Get different cheese for the party such as brie, cheddar, blue cheese and mozzarella. Spread different fruits around cheese and serve. You can place strawberries, cherries, pineapples, blueberries, grapes, raspberries and even sliced apples. You can also place crackers and biscuits around this buffet.

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    Finger Sandwiches

    Serve your guests finger sandwiches. Either have a variety of two or make finger sandwiches of different fillings. Cucumbers in finger sandwiches are one of the best options. It is not only easy to make but are light, crispy and fresh. Along with cucumber meat such as smoked salmon and add cheese on it.

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    For appetizers, you can have crab cakes which are easy to transport. Along with the crab cakes, you can serve roasted red-pepper sauce. Bruschetta is another good option for appetizer at a summer garden party. You can make it with fresh tomatoes, basil and sprinkle mozzarella on it.

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