Symbian Hotmail Email Setting Overview

If you are Symbian user and want to send and receive emails from your favorite Hotmail using your phone, you can do it as easily as one two three.

The best part about Symbian Hotmail setting is that the setup is not complicated; straightforward method will provide you the access. After configuring the special Hotmail settings on your Symbian phone you do not have to find a PC and waste time in logging in and signing up. Just a single click will help you in accessing your Hotmail emails. You are allowed to read them and send an appropriate reply as well.


  • 1

    On your Symbian phone's home screen select Email set-up, your email set-up will start.

  • 2

    A message saying ‘Allow application to use network to send and receive data?’ will appear on your screen, select Yes.

  • 3

    Simple instruction will appear on your screen follow them carefully.

  • 4

    Then a list of email service provider will appear, if it contains Hotmail select it, otherwise choose Others.

  • 5

    You will be asked to enter your email address and then password. The settings will be installed automatically.

  • 6

    In few phones the procedure might seem different but the only difference is the window size and shape. After completing the process you can access your account easily without any hindrance.

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