How to Manage Mailing Lists in cPanel

Do you know that like other web email services, cPanel also allows you to send mass mail to a single, or multiple email addresses. Application Mailman is responsible for handling the mailing list. By default the mailing list of Mailman is made public, you can later on make it private through the Mailman interface in order to protect relevant information.

This exclusive feature of cPanel is responsible for adding members to a mailing list. So if you are not aware of the proper procedure to add, modify, change and delete the mailing list then go through the guide mentioned below:

Make sure to Login to cPanel and click on ‘Mailing Lists’ option under ‘Mail’ tab in your cPanel home.


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    Add a Mailing List

    The mailing list you will create comes along with name, password and domain name as well.

    - First you will have to enter the name of the list in the field.
    - From the pull down menu you will have to select a domain.
    - A secure password has to be confirmed.
    - Again renter the password typed above.
    - In order to create the new mailing list click Add Mailing List.

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    Modify a Mailing List

    You can modify the mailing list by typing a keyword in the search box and the hit the Go button.

    - A list of names will display on your screen containing the keyword.
    - Next you will have to enter the administrative password, then you will be given the authority to modify an existing mailing list.
    - Enter into the Mailman modification menu and then define the configuration options.

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    Change a Mailing List Password

    You can easily change your password by following the steps mentioned below:

    - In order to confirm the password Key-in and then confirm your password.
    - In the end click change Password to activate the password.

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    Delete a Mailing List

    - In the list click the Delete link which is present next to the name.
    - In the end confirm that the list is deleted on the following page.

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