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Hiring someone does not mean that you have completely fulfilled your duties. It is of reasonable value that you should inform other people of your organisation, so they could be mentally prepared for settling in with a new face.

After you have hired a person, the most important task is to notify the rest of your staff, so the new recruit could attract reasonable attention on his first day at the new job.

Sometimes, this is seen as a difficult situation as in many cases the new recruit is replacement of someone or he is filling the vacant seat in your organisation.

It is of utmost importance that you should write the accurate email address of the person.

Now, make sure that you have addressed the person properly.

In the first paragraph, you must tell the staff about who is hired in the company and at what position.

In the second paragraph, you must give his full details including his qualification and experience in the past.

In the third paragraph, you must inform his date of joining, so that he would be welcomed properly.

Do not forget to give complete information about the person, so that your staff could have a brief introduction of him.


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    Sample of Appointment Announcement Email

    Subject: Appointment Announcement Email

    Dear Staff,

    I am pleased to announce that I have filled the post of Marketing Manager that was vacant from a long time in our organisation from June, 2013.

    I am contented to announce that we have hired Mr. Agron Santez on this designation, as having the years of experience in reputed firms; he appeared to be the most viable option. I have full trust in his capacity and ability to work at his best level for the betterment of this company.

    He will be joining our office from 1st July, 2013 and we look forward for a warm welcome to him from your side.


    Jim Hardy,


    Phoenix Group of Industries

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    Template of Appointment Announcement Email

    To: [email address of your all staff members]

    Subject: Appointment Announcement Email

    Dear [Name of the recipient],

    This email has been sent to notify the staff that Mr [name of the person] will be joining us on [date and time] as the new [designation of the person].

    After the rigorous recruitment process, we have succeeded in finding a suitable person that would work in the best interest of organisation and the staff members.

    Make sure that he is warmly welcomed in our organisation from all staff members on his joining date as this will prove to be in the best interest of the company.


    [Your name]

    [Other details]

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